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Jul 23, 2009 02:12 PM

Mama Mia Empanadas

Good News today in the tough north west area of Toronto. I have been driving north on Islington from Finch toward Steeles. Lots of people do it, I'm Chowhounding home! There has been a sign for a short months that said Empanadas and somewhere along the way they opened. Today I bought a dozen @ $3.95 each, plus a free one on a dozen purchase. I was there at 11.30 a.m., fresh indeed! I was lucky enough to have 2 each put in abox of Ham & Cheese, Chicken, and Spinach & Feta Cheese, and the second Spicy box I kept less mind and control of except to not offer to children, but they were 2 different beef, 1 chorizo, one of the mentioned Jalepeno! The name of the free one had mixed cheeses! And I was offered many small containers of what I guess is a garlicky quite hot " salsa " the taste and heat hold longly and affectionately, very different, this is a Chilean establishment!! Excellent dough and fillings!!!!! Looking at the clean restaurant, fast eat sitting, back into the kitchen, I also looked at the food board and it looks like they probably have fabulous sandwiches. I think their business card says it all, nice pic of Empanadas in front of a fiery oven, claims " Awesome Grilled Sandwiches ". " Gourmet Fresh And Oven Baked ", Prepared Right Before Your Eyes " ---- It's in a plaza on a North East corner, address 28 Slatterly Rd., on Islington 2 lights North of Finch, phone 647 351 1477 ------ Can't wait to try the sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I used to live in the Humber Summit neighbourhood over 40 years ago when I attended Emery Collegiate. I remember eating late night burgers at the location that is now serves Chilean empanadas. I think the change is for the better.
    It's a long TTC ride for the downtowners to get snack food, and even for me in North York, it's a 1/2 hour drive, but next time I'm anywhere close I will definitely try the spicy empanadas.
    Google maps throws up an error for the address you supplied because of a spelling mistake. The restaurant is at 28 Satterly Rd. at Islington Ave.

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      Thanks for reply and I do hope you get out to enjoy their Empanadas. I will next time sit down and try one of the sandwiches they have on offer, sure they are great from the pics. Being downtown is certainly not the whole works as the outskirts of all Toronto has much to offer as well as the 905 areas!!! I am lucky, get around quite a bit and even found myself downtown in Chinatown yesterday morning!

    2. I was there this evening and the empanadas were amazing, best I've tried yet. The menu looked very similar to the empanada place in the latin american plaza on milvan. My suspisions were confirmed after talking with the owner's wife, who said that they had recently sold the milvan location and one in Brampton. The sandwiches are also very good, although they go a little heavy on the mayo.

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        Quite a more inviting restaurant than at the Milvan location, certainly terrific and amazing empanadas, and super thanks for the tip as I'll ask them to go lightly on the mayo and and other liquids as I hate breads that become soggy in a sandwich or hamburger,etc.

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          I've eaten at the Milvan place it was excellent. If this is better, so much the better.

          As for the Milvan "mall", I really liked the place. Mrs. Sippi used to work 5 minutes from there and we'd meet for lunch there once in a while. I wish there were more of those little food courts.


        2. Went to Mama Mia's for the first time last week. All I have to say is that these empanadas are great! They have several different flavours and they have a great salsa (pebre) to go with them. They also have tasty sandwiches, as was mentioned previously, a bit heavy on the mayo, but still delicious. Food reminds me of what I ate while living in Chile a few years ago.