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Jul 23, 2009 02:08 PM

Sunday, 7/26: Festival de Comida Peruana

All the information I've seen is in Spanish (and my Spanish is minimal), but if I'm puzzling it out correctly, it seems to be promising free admission (entrada gratis), food from the major Peruvian restaurants in the Bay Area (los mejores restaurantes Peruanos del Area de la Bahia), and music (entretenimiento musical en vivo para la digestion).

Sunday, 7/26, 12-6, Roccapluco Supper Club, 3140 Mission St., San Francisco

The flyer has a list of dishes, including "picante de cuy" if anyone has been wanting to try it!

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    1. Any food reports about this? Was it extremely exciting? How was the CUY? I was in the area, but the line was super long ... like from the Rockapulco door to about Cesar Chavez. So "dropping in" was not feasible, so I dropped in for G. F. Chicken. But was wondering whether to "stay tuned" for next the next one.

      Some how this got stored in my brain as "there is some mexican food festival in the mission today" and couldnt remember what the deal was until I saw all the Federación Peruana de Futbol shirts in line ... was this not advertised much outside the Peruvian community? It seemed pretty well attended by Peruvians. I was also kind of confused
      why there were so many excited flag-waving mexicans around the mission and tried googling "July 26 Mexico" to see if it was some kind of national festival ... I didnt get the sense it was Cuban Solidarity ... I didnt figure out what the deal was until I saw the NYT story about the Mexican Futbol Team crushing the USA team. Reminded me of how the mood in a Mexican resto once turned kind of ugly when MEX lost to USA. I got some odd looks walking around as I happened to be wearing one of my Confederação Brasileira de Futebol shirts.

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        I don't know if this was advertised outside the Peruvian community at all -- I just happened to spot one of those little postcard-sized "flyers" in a newsbox on Mission near the Transbay Terminal (I'm compelled to read every word in my field of vision -- it's a disease!).

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          My Spanish teacher is Peruvian, and he hadn't heard about it. He did say tomorrow (Tuesday) is Peruvian independence day, if you want another chance to celebrate, minus the cuy.

      2. The original comment has been removed