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Jul 23, 2009 01:52 PM


can anyone tell about perbacco in sf

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  1. I love Perbacco. It's a fairly large Italian restaurant with a long bar and seating downstairs and mezzanine seating in a quieter upstairs space. It is very popular and anytime I've been there for either lunch or dinner it's been full or nearly full. They have spectacular salumi, hand made pasta dishes (the five hour pork sugo is one of my favorites) as well as a daily risotto and meat and fish entrees. Delicious housemade breadsticks are served soon after you are seated and, later, a housemade foccacia is served. I've had excellent desserts there, as well. It's on California Street right next door to Tadich Grill and has been open for about two years or so. What else do you want to know.

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      Another Perbacco fan here. I've had fantastic meals both at lunch and dinner though my favorite way to experience the restaurant is to belly up to the bar (preferably in front of the meat slicer) and order from the bartender.

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        I have done that, as well, and agree with you. Unfortunately, my wife doesn't like to sit at bars or counters so I can only do this solo--which, I guess, is probably the best way.

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          Another fan here. I haven't been to the bar, but the meal I had there was fantastic. It's been awhile, but my husband had half a quail stuffed with rice and sausages which was quite memorable and a very generous portion. Pastas and desserts were both good too!

    2. I am a big fan of Perbacco, as well. I have been fortunate to sit at the chef's table by the kitchen the past two times. It is a lot of fun! Ours were parties of 4 but it will probably seat up to 8. I also love the bar - as others have mentioned. The salumi plates are great and a fantastic item to share/start the evening. I actually have a pending reservation for the month of August to take my out of town visitors. A great spot!

      1. I had some excellent pasta there a couple of months ago. Really enjoyed it. Two of us shared several pastas - creating our own pasta tasting menu.

        1. thanks to bobpantzer and all the other posts. am going to perbacco with a party of 8. perhaps the kitchen table would be in order, if they do one? any experience there?

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            Did you go yet?

            230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

          2. The food (and wine) at Perbacco is very, very good. Just be aware the menu focuses on the foods of northern Italy. If you go there looking for tomato sauce, garlic, veal piccata, etc., you will not find much, if any, on the menu.