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Jul 23, 2009 01:31 PM

London and Paris

Hi Everyone,

I would like recommendations for London and Paris. In London, we are staying at a friend's place in Kenton. In Paris, we are staying at the Marriott Champs Elysee. I am especially interested in finding out about

-inexpensive, quick places for lunch
-a great place in Paris to pick up break, cheese or pate/charcuterie for a picnic lunch
-a nice dinner
-unusual food experiences
-great food stores to buy French delicacies or exotic ingredients

Thanks so much!

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  1. For a quick lunch, there is a fabulous schwarma (the best I've tasted so far) in Le Marais on Rue de Rosiers I believe. It is on the left side of the street and usually has a line outside for people ordering to go. Unfortunately I don't remember the name.

    For great dinner experiences:
    Osmose for modern, inventive cuisine. The place feels like a spaceship, all white and exhaustively cool but the food is unreal. Try the salmon appetizer. I think it is the only item that never leaves the menu it is so popular. Also if they are still offering it, opt for their exotic fruit cocktail, with or without alcohol it is delicious.

    Le Chataubriand is another top notch restaurant. The place feels a little rundown with a middle eastern decor but has a warmer atmosphere than Osmose and the food is consistently great.

    Have fun! There is a crepe store (La Creperie?) that I was dying to try but didn't. Let me know if you do!

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      I loved Osmose! See my review of French restaurants from Dec 2007.

      London has very few restaurants in the center of town. Rubens is the only real choice but sometimes you can pick up kosher sandwiches. If you are willing to travel to Golder's Green/Hendon (30 minutes by train from the center of town) there are many restaurants.

    2. Thanks for these replies. Anybody else? Any interesting kosher food experiences in London or Paris?

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        if you are in Kenton then Hendon and Golders Green are not far away, neither is Temple Fortune, plenty of Kosher restos there.

        Selfridges on Oxford Street has a kosher dept.

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          I will be going to Paris next month. Anything new?

          1. re: ilysen

            Please do update when you return... I'll be in Paris in February...