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ISO decent Mexican on the North Shore

Is it possible?

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  1. Some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. It is located on Cabot Street in Beverly. The Burrito tends to become three seperate meals for me due to their size. The guacamole is made fresh to order and I highly recommend it. My wife tends to get the seafood dishes and has never had a bad meal.

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      Yes, yes, yes. Cielito Lindo. Just stay away from the "from the border" page on the back. The rest is wonderful!

    2. Not quite North Shore (or is it?), but La Siesta in Winthrop has some really good Mexican food, and the folks who work there are about as nice as you'll find.

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        I agree with La Siesta. We've chatted with the owner a couple of times. He told us that he got all his recipes from his mother. It's the same food he grew up with.

      2. Mexico Lindo on Main Street in Melrose.

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            Isn't Three Amigos in Stoneham? Or are there two of them?

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              nope, you are correct hidden ... it's in Stoneham.

          2. pushing the limits of NorthShore:
            Cafe Azteca in Lawrence
            and Tacos Lupita's outpost in Haverhill

              1. I like Cielito Lindo, already mentioned, which is casual and fun. Have the guacamole. I also like Agave in Newburyport, which is a bit more upscale and has great fish. The margaritas are terrific.


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                  not a Fan of Agave except for the Bartending. last two time we were there a few of our entrees had a certain cat food quality.

                  1. Thank you for the Cielito recommendation. We went that night and it really took care of our craving for delicious guac and margaritas. It was a great night and a wonderful little "cheap & cheerful" restaurant find.
                    Went for lunch later on in the week and did not find it to be as good. Guac was not freshly made and our burrito seemed to be premade.