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Any must haves at Pylos?

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My BF and I are going out for a special pre-vacation dinner tomorrow night and I wanted to know if there were any must have dishes at Pylos. We live nearby and have been meaning to go for awhile now but just finally getting around to it!

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. We really like the haleumi with pignolia, mint and grapes. We do not care for the cheeses in a three clay pot. If you are into wine Anny's Animus is excellent. The fish is always good. We have had most of the non-meat apps. The cold red pepper with cheese, zucchini app, sardines, etc. are good. I wasn't crazy about the duck entree. I believe the lamb chops dish is quite popular (I don't eat lamb).

    1. The grilled octopus starter is amazing. Sweet, tender, yet meaty, with a bit of char on the exterior.

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        Their grilled octopus is good. Only caveat is if you're a purist you might not care for the balsamic vinegar . . . I prefer Periyali's and Kyclades preparation.

        1. The lamb chops are excellent as is the grilled fish and grilled octopus dishes. The fried zucchini and eggplant rounds are excellent but heavy. I couldn't finish it.

          I always like the thick yogurt with honey for dessert (it's not super sweet), but I usually fill up on their amazing hot and fresh pita bread. The trio of dipping sauces (assuming you like fish roe) is good if you like something on your pita bread.

          1. Thank you for all of the recommendations, I am looking forward to the meal!

            1. I LOVE the homemade sausage appetizer: Soutzoukakia Smyrneika
              For an entree, the scallops and shrimp over orzo is great: Kritharoto Me Htenia Garides Kai Kroko

              Enjoy and report back!

              1. some other options in case you haven't already sat down...

                Pylos' terrine of baked pasta layered with aromatic meat sauce and bechamel. On the same level as Ya-Ya's home cooked, labor of love recipe that the Greek's are known for. This meat-sauce was one of the standouts of the evening. Order this.

                Anginares Moussaka
                Artichoke heart moussaka, layered with caramelized onions, herbs and three Greek cheeses bechamel sauce. You dig Artichokes? Cheese? Cooked Onions? You will absolutely love this.

                Saganaki Tou Merakli
                Three Greek cheeses melted in its own clay pot that even total cheese heads will have a hard time finishing...

                Htapothi Scharas
                Grilled and marinated octopus with balsamic reduction sauce and capers. Very enjoyable. The octopus was a refreshing way to balance out the other heavy appetizers.

                Classic village salad with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, kalamata olives, and feta cheese with Greek olive oil and red wine vinegar. A nice sized bowl filled with large chunks of veggies, sans lettuce.

                Arni Kotsi Me Meli, Gigantes Skordalia Kai Psiti Tomata
                Cretan-honey braised lamb shank served with giant bean and roasted garlic puree and roasted tomato. This was a little too dry and a tad bit over cooked. It was a close call between this and the lamb chops and as soon as we saw the guy at the table next to us get the chops, we knew we made a poor call. The lamb chops were dripping with goodness and looked amazing. There will be a next time.

                Krasata Paidakia
                Braised short ribs, in spicy xinomavro red wine, served with porcini mushroom potato puree. Not your typical short rib - spicy and very Mediterranean. A nice change of pace from the normal French style short rib stew dishes I enjoy eating in the area (The Smith, Tree).