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Jul 23, 2009 01:20 PM

Krispy Pizza Old Bridge

After checking a list of foods and places not to miss in NJ, I found myself at Krispy on Rt 516 today waiting to try the fabled Grandma pizza. After the nice lunch at At The Table yesterday
I thought I was on a roll, but even a bad rool would have tasted better than the pizza.

No, that's not fair, it wasn't awful at all, just ordinary and pricey. But I had such high expectations that it might as well have been awful. We also tried the buffalo chicken slice and a regular slice. After a fresh from the oven Grandma slice and then another just to make sure I had it right, I can safely say there is nothing worth driving for here. If you live in the area, go right ahead and stop by for some fairly decent pizza, but do not make a special trip to go to Krispy.

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  1. i agree with seal on his assessment of krispy's pizza. i would like to add that the chicken parm sandwich is a disappointment as well. we've been there twice, and we won't be back.

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      Unfortunately, Krispy is a place with greatly varying quality. I've eaten there many times and had both excellent slices and poor slices. When they first opened the quality was at 5:1 for excellent. As time has passed they've slipped. I can understand your viewpoints and also the posts highly reccomending Krispy. I've had both experiences and reached the same conclusions.

      Sometimes I cringe when I think back to places I've recommended in the past and know people that are going there now are having a completely different experience than the one I had.


    2. Have you ever had the grandma's pie at Brothers in East Brunswick? I think it is better myself.

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        actually, the grandma's pie at bacci in old bridge is awesome

      2. I have to disagree with you ! It is one of the best pizza in old bridge! The grandma square is out of this world! It may be pricey, but you get what you pay for!

        1. I have to respectfully disagree. Krispy's Grandma's, Round fresh Mozz, Regular round, and sicilian are the best in the area. In my book things like buffalo chicken pizza aren't pizza and are seldom worhty of being mentioned. But I'm a purist. Sorry you were dissappointed. I would reccomend trying Denino's in Aberdeen. Another great pizza in the area.

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            Admittedly, i've only been once, but the regular slice I was served was one of the best I've eaten since we moved to NJ a dozen or so years ago. The taste reminded me of the way slices used to taste.

            Like I said in another thread, I grew up with Krispy in Brooklyn, so maybe my thoughts were colored a bit by nostalgia. Honestly though, I thought it (and the grandma and Sicilian) was a solid slice.

            1. re: TomT

              It's funny just how much your frame of mind influences your perception of food.

              When I went to Rome I searched the Italy board here for months to plan some of our meals and especially the pizza. After finding a general consensus on a place called Dar Bafetto, we made sure to end up there and got two different pies for just two of us. We sat outside at a large communal wooden table next to a nice couple from Montreal and we chatted as we drank some beer both before and during our meals. The odd thing is that we all, in some way or another, were disappointed. They thought their local place was better and I knew a few places in the NYC area that I thought were better too.

              My point is that the pizza at Krispy was not bad at all. But when I hear a fellow chowhounder, or better yet, two of us, say that this is THE BEST, then I walk in expecting at least a DiFara's level pizza ;o)

              1. re: seal

                Exactly why I put my disclaimer in previously. Pizza is so subjective, and many value different elements of the pie in relation to the overall tastyness. Some place dough higher, some sauce, for myself it's a combination of the two, but I also enjoy the old school cheese they seem to use at Krispy. By no means do I think it's the BEST, but if I'm in the area I'll make it a point to stop in for a slice. Traveling with family from Middletown.....not so sure.

                Certainly not a DiFara level pizza, but who is?

          2. woooo...this thread is like a cherrybomb.
            Trying to define the best pizza is like finding the perfect beer. Taste is so subjective (and all over the place) that a consensus will never be reached and blood can be shed. To me the perfect pizza has a rather thin (but not cracker crisp) bottom crust that is well singed, ordering on burnt, and a thick outer ring that is crisp on the outside but coarsely bready on the inside,,,the cheese also needs a bit of "ripe" character as well as bit of good "singe" on it.
            Thus far, I've not found a pizza anywhere in NJ that is quite right (although a few have come comfortably close enough).

            Years ago there was a pizzeria in Edison called "Domino's"...absolutely no relation to the tacky national chain by the way (in fact, it was this place that had the prior use trademark on the name in NJ which prevented the chain coming into NJ for years!)...they came closest to the great pizza I've enjoyed in NYC (they folded around 25 years ago).

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              Same time frame: Spezzi's in Sayreville.