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Garage Pizza - Any good?

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Pretty good ratings on yelp

If I can find a Vito's substitute that would be great

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  1. It was good, but not great. And expensive, although you can buy by the slice. For Silver Lake/Los Feliz area, I hear that Tomato Pie on Hyperion is more like NY pizza, although I haven't been. I liked Nicky D's on Rowena. Farfalla's pizza is more like you get in Italy. Any one try Lucifer's on Hillhurst yet? What about Cruzer pizza (behind Desert Rose). Can anyone compare all these?

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      Garage Pizza LA.
      4339 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

      1. In that area I like Two Boots Pizza on Sunset. Hey, is Adiamo closed? I have driven by twice this week and It is not looking good, can anyone comment.

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          i like Garage better than Two Boots. Two Boots fell flat for me. Although their stromboli was marvelous.

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            I likes the fact that the Two Boots toppings were already on the slices before the reheated, the Garage slices have the topping added to a cheese pizza and the reheated.

        2. Garage is not as good as Vito's, but it's pretty good. Also, if you live in Los Feliz/Silverlake, they deliver, and it's better than any other delivery around. It does take them a while, though

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            I think Two Boots delivers to Vermont Ave. and Up to Los Feliz Blvd. Palermos does a great pizza, not a NY Style but good flavor and great cold!

          2. Tomatp pie and Garage are two different pies and the same quality just different both good.
            Cruzer is like a frozen pie cooked by someone else.
            Lucifers well I will never order from them a second time unless someone else buys i'll give it another go but imho not good.
            I keep going back to Farfalla and il capriccio pizza Farfalla being the best.
            Adiamo is closed is what I heard.
            After a couple bad pizzas Nicky D's went off my list but I am willing to give them another shot.
            great now I want pizza

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                Got to eat the Nicky D's there, it does not do well with delivery.

            1. Their whole pies are on the pricey side but pretty tasty in a minimalist sort of way. IMHO, tastes more like a typical NYC slice than Tomato Pie. Not as good as Vito's but superior to anything in the neighborhood, including Nicky D's and Hard Times. Strangely, I prefer Garage's pizza when I buy it by the slice over their whole pies. The same thing was the case with my go-to neighborhood place in Manhattan.

              Two Boots is an answer to a question nobody's asking. I didn't like their pizza ten years ago when I lived around the corner from their East Village location and I'm not about to give it a shot now, although the idea of stumbling out of The Echo with a slice that close could test my resolve.

              1. Thanks for the replies guys. Nicky D's was "good enough" when toasted up on a pan but is SOOOOOOOOO greasy.

                1. I like Garage pizza. Its very good, not amazing, but good. I also love that it's open late on the weekends and I can just walk across the street from Akbar and get a couple slices. The folks who run the place are super sweet also.

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                    funny to find this thread, i was just about to start one on this very subject. by far the best option in silver lake, and $16 for a cheese pie does not strike me as all that unreasonable. smart enough to stay open late, and everyone there is very friendly.

                    there might be better pizza in this city, but generally it comes with ridiculous waits, prices or both. happy to have garage in the neighborhood.