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Jul 23, 2009 01:01 PM

My Sweet Home Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing; my top summer "find"

I would be remiss in my chowhound duty if I neglected to write a quick post about the brilliant dumplings coming out of this small Taiwanese kitchen housed in the back of a narrow food court on Roosevelt Ave ( 136-76 Roosevelt Ave/ 718-461-0201/ Cell 646-251-9799) It's on the same side as Macy's much closer to Union Street, although the kind owner told me it had been further down on Roosevelt until a few weeks ago.

But back to the dumplings which I have been buying frozen ever since my Taiwanese business partner and fellow foodie began waxing poetic about them months ago. Large half moons of delicate dough stuffed with myriad fillings which include my favorites: seafood, pork & cabbage/ pork & sweet fresh corn/ Veggie/ Pork and chives/ and the most delicious fish dumplings stuffed with the sweetest sea bass imaginable. Nary a fishy whiff. The veggie ones have finely minced noodles, spinach, zucchini, cabbage, and carrot within and are very delicate. They come 50 to a bag and are all in the 13-15 dollar range with the exception of the sea bass ones which are 20.00- so worth it!

My chowpup eats eight of these boiled up for b-fast every morning. They are top notch and
the pork ones are extremely lean and not greasy at all. Much better than White Bear on Prince in my humble opinion.

Haven't gotten the wontons yet, nor have I eaten in and had the same dumplings pan-fried. Also offered are a small selection of noodle-based soups, congee, Taiwanese rice juice, and scallion pancakes.

But Oh! Those dumplings. We've gone through 350 this summer!

All Things Delish,
lisa antinore

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  1. Is 13676 Roosevelt the same as 136-76 Roosevelt Ave? When I put 136-76 Roosevelt Ave into Google Maps, it can't find it. It's called My Sweet Home? Any idea on the Chinese name?

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    1. re: kathryn

      No clue if the two are the same, however it is written with the hyphen on the menu. It is diagonally across from McDonald's inside a food court whose name, I believe, is Maxim Bakery. I am sure if you call either of the two numbers, you'll get a response. It's rare a business owner includes his cell phone number on a takeout menu.

      1. re: ZenFoodist

        this is halfway between main and union? between that alley and union or between that alley and main? same side as the sprint store, the gamestop, etc.?

        1. re: bigjeff

          The OP stated that it is the same side as Macy's, which means that it is opposite Sprint, McDonald's, etc.

          Go on google maps. Use the streetview feature (grab the orange man on the zoombar and drag him to the map). You can make out maxim bakery, which is the building that has the giant "FABULOUS" sign. It is pretty much where the alley (Lippmann plaza) meets Roosevelt

      2. re: kathryn

        Google frequently gets confused by the "Queens hypen." For mapping it's best to leave it out. (So yes, the two addresses are effectively the same.)