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Jul 23, 2009 01:01 PM

Tried Sol Cocina in Newport??

Understand it is now open. Would enjoy input as to quality, atmosphere ,etc. Also, what items are high on your list? Plan on going next week, if good feedback. Thanks!!

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    1. Went last Friday night with a party of 6. Made reservations for 8pm, table wasn't ready for 20 minutes. The bar was packed, usual NB suspects. The chips come in the form of tostadas, and are seasoned. No salsa is offered. Guac was $10 and was pretty good. Ordered rounds of drinks (and shots of Patron), the bar ran out of Patron, and the drinks took 20 minutes. For apps we ordered Tortitos (peppers stuffed with seafood and cheese) (void of flavor altogether), some coconut calamari strips (which were the best thing), the ceviche (which I didn't try but heard it was good), and the $10 Guac. Sol. Another round of drinks, another 20 minutes. Went to the bar it took 5 minutes. I ordered the tequila clam appetizer for dinner, the broth rocked but the clams were the size of my thumbnail, guys ordered carnitas and they were dry, others ordered tacos, and I didn't hear any response. A manager came over and profusely appologized for the off service and comped some of our bill. My opinion, not ready for prime time yet, but the inspiration is certainly there. We also noticed that there was no chef in the kitchen that night. Odd, since it's only been open a short time. I'd give it a bit, until the bar scene is less the focus than the food. Certainly worth a try though.

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        Thanks for the response!! I have not gone,as yet, and looks like I may wait for a bit till they get their act together!! The menu,on their web site looks interesting. Wonder about parking. Does not appea rto be a very large area and seems to share space with the restaurant around the corner. Guess I wil stick with Taco Rosa for the time being. Have always enjoyed their food and service but kind ofwanted a change.