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Jul 23, 2009 11:38 AM

Any Steamed Crabs in Charleston?

We are headed to Folly Beach with my parents (who were born and raised in Baltimore). We have are favorite places at Folly(Lost Dog, and going to try Bowen's) and in Charleston (Cypress, Basil) but is there a place that does whole steamed crabs?

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  1. Lordamercy. We don't do whole steamed crabs round here. And you can get the most beautiful, fresh fish right off the boat at Crosby's market there on Folly, and in most of the restaurants, why eat crab from halfway across the continent?

    Crosby's did have some beautiful local stone crab legs two weeks ago. We took them home and steamed them in the microwave, dipped them in butter and enjoyed them thoroughly. And the grouper, snapper, flounder, scallops, it was all so screaming fresh, do yourself a favor and get right with the lord. Save the whole steamed crab for your next trip to Maryland or something....

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      We heathenists here in Savannah love our steamed crabs.

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        Uptown Jimmy, I will report this back to my crazy crab loving parents! Thanks. :-) I am looking forward to cooking lots of fresh fish from Crosby's. I am hoping they will have stone crab legs when we go the first week in August.

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          Since when do whole crabs only come from halfway across the continent (Maryland)?

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            In my small town 45 minutes from Charleston, there are at least three fish markets that sell live local blue crabs. And they're not going anywhere but into local pots. No doubt the same is true of Charleston seafood markets.

            It may, however, be more difficult to find a restaurant that serves the proverbial steamed crabs on newsprint. Charleston Crab House might be one, but not sure I'd recommend it overall.

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            We love to pick local crabs in North Carolina...hard to believe South Carolina would find the idea so completely alien.

          3. This is an interesting topic because I think our local blue crab often gets short shrift in comparison to our local shrimp and even our local oysters. Maybe it's because the commercial crabbing industry here is small while recreational crabbing is hugely popular--find a dock or a pier over a creek and you'll likely find a crab trap tied to it. I guess a lot of locals would question the wisdom of paying money at a restaurant for something they can catch for free in their own backyards. As a result, whole blue crab is a bit of a rarity on Charleston menus. You are a lot more likely to see she crab soup than any other form of crab, and whatever crab you find, there's little guarantee that it will be local. I was at an upscale restaurant last night that prides itself on offering local seafood, but when I asked where they got their crab meat from, the waiter reported it was from the Gulf. Go figure.

            All this being said, I notice that Charleston Crab House does offer local blue crab "seasonally" on its menu-- I'd call ahead if I were you. If you are interested in buying live blue crabs to cook yourself, Raul's Seafood on Shem Creek sells them, along with plenty of nice local shrimp and whatever fish they are pulling out of the water at the time.

            Also, there is this place, Fishnet Seafood. They fry, yes, fry, whole hard-shelled blue crabs minus the top shell. I haven't made it out there yet, but the Charleston City Paper gave them an awesome write-up a couple years ago:

            I did call to confirm they are still open, and this thread has put them back on my radar. I hope to visit one of these days soon.

            Let us know where you end up!

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              I stand corrected, and informed once again by the mighty LCJ.

              Sorry for the misinformation, guys! Crab on!