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Jul 23, 2009 11:29 AM

Best Chocolate Cake in DELCO and Chester County?

A few friends of ours are visiting us on Saturday and after entertaining them we plan to retire with some red wine and chocolate cake. Because we are relatively unfamiliar with local bakeries we are planning on simply buying a Trader Joe's cake. However, we wanted some recommendations of local delicious, decadent chocolate cake that would complement the wine well so that we have some other options.

We live in North Wilmington and would be willing to drive up to 40 minutes for the right cake. We look forward to you weighing on the matter!

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  1. The chocolate silk torte at Sweet Somethings Bakery is the best! They serve this dessert at a number of restaurants in the area and it is delicious (and close by).

    1. Perhaps a bit late, but the chocolate cake from Wegmans has won some awards.