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Jul 23, 2009 11:22 AM

Best Chocolate Cake in New Castle County, DE?

A few friends of ours are visiting us on Saturday and after entertaining them we plan to retire with some red wine and chocolate cake. Because we are relatively unfamiliar with local bakeries we are planning on simply buying a Trader Joe's cake. However, we wanted some recommendations of local delicious, decadent chocolate cake that would complement the wine well so that we have some other options.

We look forward to you weighing on the matter!

We would also be willing to drive to Chester or Delaware Counties in PA since we live just south of the PA/DE state line.

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  1. The best cakes I have had in this area have come from Sweets to You By Ginger (I think they are by order only): 913 Brandywine Blvd. in Wilmington, (302) 762-3451. There are plenty of locally run bakeries around, though--Serpe's in Elsmere, Just Desserts by Jekeitta in Wilmington, Bing's in Newark, Big Sky in north Wilmington...the list goes on. I would prefer to support a locally owned, family business than Trader Joe's.

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      Sweet Somethings on Union Street have outstanding cakes. You usually need to call ahead a couple days, at least for the mousse cakes I tend to gravitate toward. The bistro cake at Corner Bistro is one of my favorites but it's seasonal and I don't think they'll sell you a whole one, that I know of. But it is a really good cake.