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Jul 23, 2009 10:49 AM

Rebecca's Latin Cuisine opens on Hoyt St.

Saw this on Brownstoner a couple of days ago:

Walked by this afternoon, they're serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As for lunch, it's just a bunch of lunch plates with rice and beans for $5 a pop - spare ribs, chicken cutlets, etc. - nothing too Latin-y save for some stew cod. (As we're keeping veggie momentarily after a meatfest in Ireland and the UK, we didn't partake in lunch today.


Dinner is a little more pan Latin - tacos, tortas, roast pork and stuff like that - mostly Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Dominican. I read somewhere that they're thinking about a cuchifrito bar, which could be interesting, but right now it just seems like a neighborhood place. If the cooking is good, the prices seemed to be right as far as lunch specials go, coming in about a buck under what the Dominican lunch counters on Smith and 4th Ave. charge.

The "Link to a place" feature isn't working at the moment, so it's at 218 Hoyt St. in Boerum Hill.

Rebecca's Latin Cuisine
218 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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