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Need to buy uncooked ravioli for a party

The problem is, I don't know where to go (except Trader Joes and nothing against Trader Joes, but I'm looking for ravioli that are a bit more authentic). Cheese preferably. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Marcello guidi has great pasta (649 10th St, Santa Monica) or Bay Cities on Lincoln come to mind.

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        Guidi Marcello has an outstanding selection. Warning: They are closed on Saturdays and close at 4:00PM during the week.

      2. Alejo's Presto Italian Restaurant on Lincoln Blvd. in Westchester has a little section right next to the restaurant the sells large quantities of their ravioli in boxes (the same ravioli that they serve in their restaurant).

        1. in the back freezers at bay cities deli in santa monica

          1. Sorrento Italian Market in Culver City. They have them in the freezer section.

            Sorrento Italian Market
            5518 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

            1. Surfas in Culver City is a Chef's grocery store. Check them out.

              1. Cavaretta's in SFV on Sherman Way at Topanga is where I get all of my italian food ingredients. They sell frozen ravioli in boxes. Wonderful store and people.

                1. Costco has a good selection of fresh ravioli in quantities for a party at a reasonable price.

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                    the costco ravioli has worked extremely well for me in the past,
                    the stuff they call pasta prima spinach mozzarella ravioli.
                    just remember not to allow the water to get hotter than a simmer, furiously boiling water will break up the ravioli.

                  2. Just to piggy-back on this request, are there any places around town that carry Genova frozen ravioli from the SF Bay Area?

                    1. A charming Italian man from a company called Mangi Con Amore sells excellent ravioli and grated parmesan cheese at the Sunday Hollywood Farmer's Market. (I've tried many kinds because my husband is a ravioli nut, and this guy's are incredible.) Luckily I have a container of their Parmesan Cheese handy and have the label to refer to. They are based in Irvine and you may contact them at 969 338 7487.

                      I love their asparagus and spinach ravioli and their mushroom ravioli -- and feel confident the cheese ones will be great too. These ravioli don't require sauce. They are excellent with just a little olive oil or butter (when I have sage, I add that to the butter) and some cheese.

                      When I don't make it to the market to buy pasta, we sometimes get Monterey ravioli (available at Ralphs and Gelson's). They make very good whole wheat ravioli (the red pepper one is good. The basil, tomato and mozzarella is also a favorite) and excellent pesto.

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                        Mangi Con Amore is also at Irvine on Saturday mornings and Laguna Hills on Fridays.

                        Concur on Monterey wholemeal ravioli -- the Ralphs in Villa Park has a great selection.

                      2. There's a nice little Italian deli in Encino called Domingo's. They make fresh ravioli (cheese, meat, mushroom) and sell them in their frozen section for you to cook up at home. Much better than Monterey or anything you can buy at Trader Joe's...

                        Domingo's Italian Grocery
                        17548 Ventura Blvd
                        Encino, CA 91316
                        (818) 981-4466