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Jul 23, 2009 10:14 AM

Cherry Tomatoes

Watching my cherry tomato plants begin to produce and realizing I am going to have a lot of cherry tomatoes. Any suggestions for how to use them? I have half red sweet 100's and a yellow pear shaped one...thanks for any ideas.

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  1. succotash of lima beans, halved cherry tomatoes, fresh corn, red onion and cilantro. So good.

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      Succotash? That's similar to my corn relish recipe....only I use garbanzo or cannellini beans instead of the lima beans. I usually give it a southwestern flair and spice it with the addition of Chili or Cayenne peppers.

      A great side dish served hot, room temperature or cold.....Roasted String Beans/Haricot Vert with Cherry Tomatoes. I like to use shallots or garlic depending on what is available at the time in my pantry...just olive oil, kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. I personally do not care for vinegars or other acids....but naturally, season according to your preferences and tastes.

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        well succotash is any salad that's mostly corn and lima beans, I thought.

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          I guess I should have used a smiley face:-) ........Sorry, my intent was to compliment you.

    2. roast them very slowly--like 200, 250, for along time, maybe a couple hours. drizzle with good olive oil ad garlic first. then you can eat them out of hand or freeze them for later use, like in the dead of winter.

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        I like roasting mine like that, but I usually skip the garlic. When they're coolish toss them on pasta with whatever cheese and herbs you like together. It's something nice to eat at room temp.

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          Those roasted cherry tomatoes are excellent in almost any pasta dish.

          I also halve them and stuff witha mixture of mayo, bacon, green onion. Combinations are endless.

          1. I had THOUSANDS last summer, and had to get creative about using them. I oven-dried tons of them, just as it (no oil or flavorings) and froze them for later use. I used them in soups, stews, quiches (yum!), sauces, sandwiches, pasta mix-ins.... all the time.

            Also, I frequently (like, every other night) served a salad of halved cherry toms (I had 4 colors), mixed with oil, a vinegar (balsamic, red wine, champagne, sherry....), a cheese (fresh mozz, bleu, feta, etc), and fresh herbs (thyme, basil, oregano, chives). I would just pick a 'theme" based on whatever was on hand or went with the rest of the meal, let it marinate on my counter for a few hours, and it was a great side dish. Or- use the whole mix, and toss it with fresh pasta as a no-cook sauce.

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              How did you store and use the dried cherry tomatoes? It sounds like a good idea, I am wondering how to make use of them later.

              1. re: Tripper

                I halved them and placed on a sprayed cookie sheet, slow roasted at about 200F for maybe 3 hours until they were still soft, but leathery-feeling. Then cool and store in ziplock in the freezer. I placed 2 cups or so in a sandwich bag, then all my little bags in a one-gallon ziplock. Then pull out one bag at ta time to keep in the fridge and use over a week or so.

                As I noted above, I used them almost anywhere that tomatoes would be good- but they were very sweet, so I limited the sugar in the overall dish if there was any. My very favorite dish with them was a CI creamy tomato sauce- crushed toms, dried toms, and tom paste with wine and garlic, and a splash of cream.

            2. Make a colorful short-cooking pasta sauce: sweat red onion, scallion, and garlic. Add thinly-sliced bell pepper in at least two colors. When just about soft, add fresh basil and whole cherry tomatoes and simmer until they start to collapse. Last year I made a good and pretty variation using diced pancetta, red and green for the bell peppers, and yellow cherry tomatoes.

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              1. re: greygarious

                in summer, i do an uncooked sauce.

                get out your serving bowl. slice the cherry tomatoes in half (or rough chop larger ones) and mix them in the bowl with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, red chili flakes and pieces of a soft cheese, like brie or goat. i often add basil or mint, lemon zest and juice too. let this all marinate at room temp for a few hours, under plastic wrap.

                cook the pasta, drain and dump it in the bowl. toss. you can reserve some of the pasta water and add it to *loosen* the sauce if needed.

                1. re: hotoynoodle

                  Yum! I do this too but I've never used brie. Interesting! I usually use parmesan.