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Jul 23, 2009 10:04 AM

Best Vegetarian in Morehead City or Atlantic Beach

We'll be staying in Atlantic Beach for a week and are looking for some good vegetarian eats. Any style, but would also like some finer dining options, perhaps even chefs that will do an interesting vegetarian sampler (that's not just the side dishes of the night).
We eat some seafood, but mostly stick to ovo-lacto fare.
Organic, local home-made fare would be amazing if it exists down there...

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  1. Hi drT, Welcome to the Crystal Coast!! Morehead City is NOT a place known for the great food, however, there are a few jewels. Cafe Zito, is awesome. Lots of veg options, Chef Baptiste is amazing, great wine list. I think my honey had Homemade portabello ravs that were fab.

    The Crabs Claw,, on Atlantic beach is great, love their blackberry jam marinated chicken breast salad with portobella mushrooms, blue cheese, pecans and veggies with a blackberry vinaigrette, loads of earthy flavor. Maybe order without the chicken and more ports. Right on the ocean great view and walk on beach after. Chef Toni is a pastry chef...yum!!

    The crabs claw also owns a great veggie restaurant in MHC that is VERY casual, buffet style, perfect for lunch. Suops and salads.

    Beaufort, over the bridge has my fav rest. in the area Blue Moon Bistro . Great food and wine list, the desserts are all homemade by a friend of mine. Chef Kyle is great.

    Hope this isn't to rambling and that it helps. Have a great stay!!! Take a water ferry from Beaufort to Shacklesford/ Cape Lookout for the day while you are here. Be sure to take your own food/bev with you.
    Best, denise

    1. OOPS, the veggie restaurant is called Ralwiggie's and it's at 3710 Arendell St ( which is hwy. 70) 252-240-8646 :) denise

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        Thanks, D! Appreciate the rec's. Will have to make the drive to Beaufort and try Blue Moon. We'll probably try the Crab's Claw as well--know if they serve local seafood? We heard some disappointing reports about Sanitary (non-local, often frozen seafood) and will probably avoid.

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          Here's a thread that discusses restaurants that source their seafood locally:

      2. unless you consider seafood to be acceptable vegetarian fare you may be stuck with pizza as your only option. My current fav nice place in the area is Beaufort Grocery (about a block off the waterfront in Beaufort behind the Inlet Inn). I was last there in October and I _think_ I remember a veg selection or two on the menu, its the kind of place where they are generally happy to make up things on request.

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          Thanks, Bob--we'll make a trip to Beaufort for sure! Cheers!

        2. Hi again, Yes the Crab's Claw buys from Blue Ocean Seafood, which is part of 'Carteret Catch' a very cool program affiliated with Duke U. I LOVE their blackened shrimp on fried green tomatoes with red pepper couli!! They also have great seafood steamer pots. Enjoy! denise

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            My mouth's watering thinking about the blackened shrimp! (hope it's still on the menu by next week!) I know my wife and I will make it there, but it looks like the 'rents are fighting to keep the Sanitary on the menu!
            Thanks again!

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              We are currently spending a month at our place in Pine Knoll Shores. I will give you a tip regarding The Sanitary. Avoid like the plague!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Back in the day it was pretty good but it has gone down drastically. We have not been there in at least 8 years.

              Sorry I cannot give you any comments on vegetarian restaurants, if you were interested in the best places to dine down here then I could be of help.

              If you are staying in a condo or house and can cook yourself suggest you visit Garners produce farm on the way in to Morehead City on Hwy 70 East. Great vegetables.

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                LOL!!! The 'Sanitary' is that bastion that all communities have, been there forever and had it's day YEARS ago. Most people who eat there are 'blue hairs', dragging along their younger families, reliving their beach experience of yore!!! The good news is it probably won't kill u as it's so "sanitary'!!!!!!