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Jul 23, 2009 09:59 AM

Traveling from Baltimore to Atlantic Beach, NC

Hey, y'all--we're driving down 95 through Richmond next week and are looking for a great, stand-out place for dinner on a Saturday night (that we're willing to cut off from 95 to get to).
We'll probably stop somewhere south of Richmond for the night, so south VA or north NC would be the range.
We're both ovo-lacto-pesco-vegetarians, otherwise known as "flexitarians", so unless you know of a great fish-BBQ joint, BBQ is out. Would love to find one of those one-of-a-kind Diners that one sometimes sees on the Guy Thierry's Food Network show "diners, drive-ins, & dives". Doesn't really matter what kind of food (veggie burgers with the works, amazing French, home-made Italian, super-hot Thai), just that it will be worth the trip! Thanks!

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  1. You may want to rethink where you're going to stop. The southern Virginia piedmont and northeastern North Carolina is the most rural part of your entire route, and the one with the fewest options. Frankly, there's probably not even anything that meets your criteria. I know this area pretty well, especially the NC side.

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      Thanks, Naco--know any good places in Petersburg, VA? We're now planning to stop in Richmond for the afternoon and then dinner and B&B in Petersburg. Ideas?

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        The only thing I've ever had in Petersburg is barbecue. Sorry.

    2. Other 'hounds have recommended a place called On The Square in Tarboro, NC. Reports are that is an upscale, nice place with very good. Might be worth checking out.

      Edit: their website is The menu is posted looks good to me, but may not offer much for a vegetarian.