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I searched, and couldn't find it. Can someone link the Providence Restaurant (on Melrose) review?

I admit, I saw the restaurant mentioned on the last episode of Top Chef, when Michael Cimarusti was "backstabbed" by another executive chef.


Is their website.

Yelp had ridiculously rapt reviews, as did Open Table. Can someone give a review that doesn't sound like they're "getting some" under the table?

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  1. here's one of the finest reviews of Providence I've seen lately

    1. Its one of the best restaurants in town, so you shouldnt be surprised that you are only finding good reviews. I am a big believer that you need to do one of the tasting menus to get the full experience, but i dont think you can really go wrong there.

      1. Well, you won't get a good review from me. I went with two other foodies, two years ago and had the absolute worst meal of my life there (both quality and cost). The best i can say is that the fish tasted disgusting. Based on other reviews, I assume they had an off night, but I will not be back.

        1. We had the 9 course tasting menu back in June. Not inexpensive by any means, but we were truly impressed by the quality of the food. Pretty much all of our courses were outstanding.

          1. that episode sounds interesting, i must catch it on rerun - this is one of my fav restaurants in la - the food is very polished and thoughtful. i'm not very knowledgeable about chefs but i recently learned that Michael Cimarusti used to the be the chef at Water Grill, which used to be my fav restaurant until i discovered providence...figures i must just really like his cooking :)