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Jul 23, 2009 09:38 AM

Eton Dumplings - New Location

Dumpling spot Eton moves to new spot on Sackett Street off Smith St. Sign said end of month. Around corner from Zaytoon.

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  1. This is a second location, not a move. More info here:

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    1. re: jmh

      I'm a little baffled as to why they would open a second location. Almost more than a year ago, I walked in after having heard about this new place from a friend. I was told the wait was 35 minutes for dumplings. Having been trained on Ctown dumplings being served almost instantaneously, I was dumbfounded at the wait time. I walked out. About a year later, a couple to a few months ago, I thought about it again and decided to give it another shot. Walked in and was told it's gonna be about 45 minutes this time. (Don't ask me why the wait time has gone up after almost a year has passed and they've had time to work out the kinks.) Okay, since I was here, decided to bear with it. As we were waiting, some orders came in by phone, and I heard them telling people that the wait time was now up to an hour. By now, he and the other girl helping him out, (maybe there was a 3rd person) - they were really, really busy. Finally, we got served. I think it was the owner? He felt really bad for me and my friend. And I felt bad that he felt bad. Anyway, the dumplings, we tried 2 types (I forget which), they were good, but not that good to merit almost an hour's wait. I don't understand why they're opening a second if they can't keep up with the pace, or have enough people, to handle the first. I mean, again, he was really nice to us, and I feel bad about saying this, but the dumplings have to be nothing short of amazing to merit that long of a wait from me and the higher Cobble Hill price.

      1. re: nooyawka

        Wouldn't a second location cut the wait? I would think it would since there'd be a greater supply.

        Eton isn't by any stretch a destination place, but I'm glad they're around the corner from me. I call in my order ahead and then just swing by and pick it up. It's a nice neighborhood place that beats the pants off the other chinese takeout joints in the hood.

        1. re: oolah

          "Wouldn't a second location cut the wait? I would think it would since there'd be a greater supply."

          Nope. The new location will primarily on drinks like bubble tea and snow cones. They'll sell frozen dumplings.


          1. re: Bob Martinez

            Frozen dumplings! How disappointing! I'm not going to schlep to Sackett for frozen dumplings. Trader Joes sells them.

          2. re: oolah

            Yup, that definitely works. Wish I was closer and could do the same.

        2. re: jmh

          Eton has pulled the plug on the original location near Henry St., so the location near Smith will be the only place to get their dumplings now.

        3. Just returned from the new Eton near Smith Street and I'm SO excited about the addition to this side of the neighborhood. The dumplings are not frozen--they make them at the other location every six hours and bring them over. I brought them home (pork and beer) and warmed them up in the microwave (something I'm usually loathe to do) and they were totally delicious. Also, the plum sauce they doctor up is very good too. It was a surprise to find that they'd opened a new location over here. I'll definitely back to pick up a quick meal there often.

          1. Much like Dub Pies, Eton's dumplings are unique, tasty treats, but just flat out cost too much for what you get. Just my (grouchy) 2 cents.

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            1. re: Puppimus

              I understand. And they are certainly more expensive than Chinatown. Not to quibble, but for the neighborhood the price ain't half bad. I'm pretty sure Ting Hua up the street is more $$ and if it's a choice between them, I'd choose Eton for sure.

              1. re: curly30

                Agreed...I live a few doors down from Eton and eat there all the time. Although you pay more than in chinatown, the dumplings are bigger...and the rotating special dumplings are usually pretty great...bbq pork, salt cod, beet and goat cheese, duck a l'orange, etc...
                As for the wait, it's definitely worth calling first, but I'm surprised to hear about an hour wait; I rarely have to wait more than 20 minutes, and I eat there at least once a week.

                1. re: chowzdown

                  I personally think it's a value for the money. I may be biased though, since I too live across the street and can call in my order. It's not going to compete with Chinatown, but for 7-8 bucks, you can have an incredibly filling dinner of high quality, thoughtfully prepared dumplings.

                  1. re: chowzdown

                    I didn't think the standard pork and vegetarian offerings were really exciting enough, but those special dumplings do sound good; I would try them.

                    1. re: Puppimus

                      I popped in yesterday when they opened looking for a bubble tea and the very nice woman working there told me the tapioca was still cooking. I meant to go back but then got caught up - will try today around 4ish. they had some very interesting flavor choices aside from the typical coconut/taro - I am leaning toward either the watermelon or jackfruit.