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Jul 23, 2009 09:31 AM

molcajete, where to buy in Toronto?

I am looking for a molcajete. The Williams-Sonoma website has them for $49 US and I haven't tried their stores yet, but does anyone know of a place that sells the basalt versions and not the concrete ones (fake) in the Toronto area?

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  1. I'd check the Indian and Chinese/S.E. Asian grocers/cookware shops downtown. I busted a nice heavy porcelain mortar and pestle kit(not the same but a functional facsimile)that did the trick, thanks to a rough interior almost like a suribachi. Getting a real molcajete shipped up from Phoenix at no small cost.

    1. Don't do WS if that's the route you're thinking of. Try EBay first.


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        I'd use online as a last resort. Check around for merch you can actually inspect.

      2. You might want to check out some of the stores in Kensington Market. I got one there years ago for about $25. Sorry I can't be more specific - I don't recall which store it was - but it was a lot cheaper than the one I was considering at WS.

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          I will check in the Kensington Market area and August St. either later this week or next. Ebay is fine, but then the shipping makes it the same price as WS, so it's not a deal. At least the last time I checked they were only available from the U.S.