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Jul 23, 2009 08:56 AM

York PA -- what's new and/or good for this Friday? [moved from DC/Baltimore board]

Visiting York this Friday to pick up son at hockey camp and would like to stay for dinner in early evening. When we were there last year, dined at Blue Moon, which I thought was good but slightly overpriced, all things considered. I would give special bonus points for great pizza, but fine dining (and all points in between) are also acceptable.


[PS to Chowhound cops -- Please don't remove post, York PA is less than an hour from Baltimore and they are the most likely to respond to this inquiry; I posted on Pennsylvania board several days ago without response.]

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  1. LawHound... Sorry, you're right -- there's more of a chance of getting a reply on the WDC/Balto board.

    When I'm on Rt 30 between Gettysburg & Lancaster, I try to dropby the Round The Clock Diner. It's in the NE quadrant of the intersecton of Rt 30 & I-83. It's 24/7 and has a really excellent sub at lunch [the sub roll makes it]. They have the classic diner breakfasts any may be Greek owned judging by some of the items on their menu.

    Additionally, here's a thread from 2006 that may yield more suggestions.

    1. Coombs Tavern on Pennsylvania Ave for Prime Rib.

      Don't laugh, I think it's the best prime rib I have ever had. 1 lb boneless (Engligh Cut?) for $18 and 2 lb bone-in (Queen Cut?) for $25 which includes a salad and a couple sides (double onions all the way!). It seems so wrong, but it is honestly the most flavorful, well seasoned, perfectly cooked piece of beef going! If you're looking for a red meat kind of meal, this is a no-brainer!

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        Thanks all for the responses and keep them coming, I think there's been some changes downtown in York since '06 so any reactions on the news spots are also welcome - but the diner and prime rib options sound like good possibilities.

      2. Windows on the Green/Ironwood Restaturant at the Hesitage Hills Golf/Country Club. Haven't been in a few years, but it was a wonderful restaurant with a gorgeous view. FoiGras

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          If you go thru Harrisburg strongly reec'mend bypassin York and eeating at Bricco

          1. We were real happy with York Blue Moon on Market Street "downtown". Good bar, good food prepared by someone who knows what he's doing. Check out the menu. Calamari was fabulous starter. Lots of interesting appetizers. We ordered 4 and were overwhelmed. Three would make a great dinner and leave room for one of their fabulous deserts.