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Jul 23, 2009 08:48 AM

Umi sushi/ Ginza Sushi Honken/ Ginza Aoki

HI I am interested in these sushi restaurants in Tokyo but have difficulty getting more information. Any one has dine there? Appreciate your feedback regarding quality and ambience? I also understand they have reasonably priced lunch - is it advisable to consider them? thanks much.

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  1. Umi doesn't do lunch. Don't know about the other ones.

    1. I went to Sushi Aoki in Ginza for lunch last December. The food was OK nothing special and we found the ambience way too austere and soulless - no music, hushed tones, no interaction with the itamae. Price was probably Y10,000 for 2, we ordered a la carte rather than setto and ate moderate amounts. The place has a Michelin star for what that's worth.

      When I'm in Japan, I do like trying sushi bars (and other places) at different price points but almost without exception I have been somewhat underwhelmed by the higher end places I have tried, for example I am one of the very few dissenting voices on this board where Ryugin is concerned.

      So my advice would be by all means try one of the higher end [Ginza] places but contrast this with somewhere in Tsukiji, just head down there one mid-morning, wander around and pick somewhere that is busy and/or takes your fancy.

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        Thanks for your advice. Sounds like i would do that. Maybe try out lunch at Ginza sushi Honken and visit Tsukijii another day...I am actually fine with non-michelin sushi restaurants. However, i have difficulty finding in something between high end sushi restaurants and those like midori/sushi dai. Any sushi restaurant that has a cosy ambience?