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Jul 23, 2009 08:37 AM

Miami (not South Beach) eats and drinks

Looking for some last minute suggestions. Visiting Miami for the weekend and staying near Brickell Avenue. Looking for resturant suggestions that don't involve driving too far and avoids dealing with South Beach. Preferably some good seafood but am open for anything with the Miami flavor....

Also, if anyone knows some good, mellow places to kick back and have some drinks I would be very appreciative.....

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  1. River Oyster Bar-- Another good one that's mellow and on Miami River with good seafood, Garcia's. Also, Garcia's on the Miami River.

    Garcia Seafood Grille & Fish
    398 NW North River Dr, Miami, FL 33128

    River Oyster Bar
    650 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL 33130

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      Plus 1 on the Rivery Oyster Bar suggestion - I love that place!! Everything I've ordered is absolutely delicious. The spicy calamari salad is great and so is the ceviche. My absolute favorite thing on the menu is the Fire Roasted Oysters - oysters roasted with manchego cheese and chorizo. YUM! They also have a great bar with happy hour specials. Just a 2 or 3 minute drive from Brickell.

    2. Second both of those recs. More upscale, Area 31 in the Epic Hotel has a strong seafood focus. Also does a happy hour on the 16th floor balcony. Tobacco Road is a moderately grungy bar with live music many nights and is a fine place to have a beer or three.

      You are also not far driving distance from the Design District and "Biscayne Corridor" - Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, Pacific Time, Sra. Martinez, Michy's, Red Light, Anise Taverna - which still avoids South Beach. MGF&D always features at least a couple fresh local fish, as does Red Light.

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        great recs. we're actually staying at the Epic but looking to get out for dinner. River Oyster and Tabacco Road sound like a good pair, and look to be only a few blocks from the hotel. thanks.

        1. re: fryguy71

          get anything bbq at river oyster it is better than their very good seafood