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Jul 23, 2009 08:28 AM

dinner reservations in Paris for September 15-19/09

My husband and I are travelling to Paris for the first time from September 15-19/09. We are staying in the 7th, and are looking to make dinner reservations for restaurants in the 6th and 7th for the most part, including Chez L'Ami Jean, Fish, and Au Bon Accueil. Given the common August vacation closings, should I be trying to make those reservations in the last week of July, or should I wait until the first week of September? The first option seems too early, and the second too late. Also, am I likely to reach someone who speaks English, or should I brush up my French language skills, and hope for a sympathetic response?

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  1. Be careful, Stephane Jego, the chef at l'Ami Jean is flying to NYC for a "gastro venue" around that time. You'd better check early.

    1. There's no downside in calling now -- except that some on your list may already be closed. Fish does not close in August, though. And they speak English. I would be less optimistic about the two others, but again, there's no harm in trying.

      1. Thanks for the advice-I contacted my hotel and the concierge suggested I wait until September, but being anxious, I tried Chez Georges (1 Rue Mail) and L'Ami Jean today, and got their answering machines indicated they were now closed until August 26/09, and August 25/09, respectively. The message at L'ami Jean appeared (as far as I could tell with rusty French) to give other restaurant recommendations. I also tried Fish la Boissonerie, but was outside their time for accepting reservations, though they appear to still be open. I will try again!