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Jul 23, 2009 07:42 AM

Armando Al Pantheon Report

Hey Guys,
I'm on a 3 week trip with my wife through Italy, and France. I'll add new posts as I find time to write.

Our first dinner in Italy was at Armando Al Pantheon. I'm aware that this has become somewhat of a tourist destination but it seems not to have become a tourist trap. Even surrounded by tables ordering 'Chicken with wine and a side salad,' there are great dishes being served here and I have never been to Rome without eating here are least once. The owner is cordial and the space comfortable enough.

We started with a Bruschetta with black truffle. This was a nearly perfect dish. Very good olive oil and several small slices of black truffle over good bread. Delicious.

Next we shared two pastas. The carbonara here is wonderfully rich with a clear 'eggy' taste. I love the saltiness of the food in Rome and this dish was a wonderful beginning. The pasta was perfectly cooked and the pancetta crisped just slightly.

The second pasta was a spaghetti with tomatoes and arugula. Far lighter than the carbonara, this dish is refreshing and may have even had a bit of lemon in it. Nice choice for a hot night.

We then shared the Abbacchio a scottadito (lamb chops). The lamb is served about medium and simply seasoned with salt and pepper and some very good olive oil. The chops have a fair amount of fat (they are trimmed differently than American lamb chops usually are). I know that lamb chops in the US can be a tiny and even dainty dish but they always feel hearty in Italy and require a decent amount of knife and fork work. The payoff is well worth it. : )

I don't know a huge amount about wine but I recently tried a red from Alto Adige which I don't see that often. We noticed another one on Armando's list and were very pleased. Unlike many of the big Italian wines, these reds seem to maintain a fair amount of complexity without ever becoming overwhelmingly rich and the alcohol content is quite low. Not a bad a idea when you're jet-lagged.

A couple more Rome recs to come followed by Tuscany and then Venice.

Eat well!

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  1. Thanks, Jeremy--I look forward to reading more. I agree that this seems to be one well touristed restaurant that has resisted becoming a "tourist trap."

    Happy travels and happy eating!

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      I agree: it's in the thick of things but in my experience isn't an overpriced yuck-fest. I have had the lambchops there--and am admittedly a lamb-lover--I really savored them.

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        Thanks Erica!
        I ended up posting more under 'Europe Trip Part 1, 2 etc.). Lots of yummy things!