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Jul 23, 2009 07:25 AM

Butcher, Grocery, & Farm Stands on Outer Cape

I rented a house in North Truro for a week, and am desperately looking for places to buy provisions for the week. Can anyone recommend a good butcher, a grocer with a large selection of high quality produce, or any farm stands that sell local produce? Thanks!

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  1. The farmer's market in Ptown on Saturday could be a good start for you. It's next to town hall. We arrive at Corn Hill on Saturdays so we usually stop in Hyannis at Trader Joe's on the way down. At the intersection of Castle Road (Corn Hill Beach sign) and Rte 6 there are a bunch of little stores. There is a vegetable stand with good organic vegetables, lots of bread and beach food. Behind it is a good fish market. There are lots of good fish markets but I usually buy at this one. There is also a liquor store and a sandwich place. The new Stop and Shop in Ptown is just that - a Stop and Shop. It is cleaner and better stocked than it's predecessor. I find Angel's on Commercial street in Ptown overrated and way over priced. It has it's fans on the board. I feel the same way about Jam's in Truro Center. I prefer Dutra's in North Truro- not fancy but the real deal. Buy burger there if you are cooking out.
    I try not to buy a lot of groceries initially- there are so many great places to eat out but that's another post. Have a wonderful time.