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Jul 23, 2009 06:05 AM

Rocco's Tacos????

Has anyone been to this place on Clematis? How is it? I know it is Tex/Mex and it is moving into Big City Tavern's spot in Boca (not sure whether they are closing Clematis or just expanding to second resto) and wondered how it stacks up? We really could use a good Tex/Mex in Boca.

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  1. The boca location is going to be it's 2nd location. The one on Clematis is always packed! Most of the food I've had there is really good. The only think that I haven't been crazy about was the ground beef. It was more Cuban style....not really what I was expecting from a Mexican restaurant.

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    1. I really liked RT from my first visit but then realized how average it was on subsequent visits.

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        I would never go there if I wanted tacos, but it is a thoroughly fun scene. Not sure how it's going to translate to Boca.

        1. re: johnmlinn

          I kind of agree on wondering how it will fare in Boca. But, maybe Boca is in dire need of a cool spot to hang out and drink. Maybe the pre-dinner alcohol will skew people's thoughts of their average food. Their tacos are the worst thing going for them, no doubt.

          Other than a few good taquerias in PB County, great authentic mexican is non existent.

      2. Great Guac and chips, although it'll run you $12! Good atmosphere - hip and fun without being pretentious. I have to agree with freaker that the food, overall, is just slightly above average. Rocco's is in my regular rotation though, b/c overall I just like going there. I'm happy (not thrilled) with the food and really enjoy the atmosphere. It's slightly pricey, but won't break the bank.

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          I went here last Friday night around 10:00 for a drink at the bar. There are basically three areas - outside, which consists of a bunch of round tables/chairs and some hightop tables/stools (some under cover), in the courtyard area with the other restaurants, the dining room area, and the bar. The dining room and the bar are separated only by a low railing, the dining room part is not really a separate room.

          It might be a little quieter early on in the evening, but at the time we were there, the music was blasting loud, so if you were eating inside, it would be somewhat hard to have a discussion in a normal tone of voice. That being said, it was a lively atmosphere with a lot of large tables of boisterous young people having fun, doing shots, etc. If you are an older couple trying to have a quiet dinner, your best bet would be outside. I had a margarita which was good, but nothing really special. We didn't eat, but I would go back to try the food at some point, never having been to the WPB location.

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            Thanks for the update. DH and I will try it but not late at night!

        2. BTW they have a Facebook page and the mgmt often posts free drinks offers etc on there. So if you're going to try it and want a free drink, check them out on FB. (Actually I follow several local restaurants on FB now and it's a good way to keep up to date on last minute offers etc).

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            Not to resurrect an old thread, but for anyone who doesn't know, you can order Guac & Chips by the half-order at Rocco's instead of a full order at $12. It doesn't say that on the menu but they do it.

            1. re: Mauslein

              And they are expanding to a 5th location in Orlando soon, I believe.

              Ft. Laud.

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                Good to know as DH doesn't like guac but I do!!!

            2. Finally got to the one in Boca! The guac was wonderful as were the quesadillas. Definitely a keeper