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Jul 23, 2009 05:45 AM

Can you eat well and enjoy NOLA on a 100 dollars a day budget??

Going in mid-aug and trying to judge how much money to bring. Me being the man in the relationship
I do expect to pay for most of the meals. My girl will (hopefully) pay for a couple meals. When it comes to good food im willing to pay for it..

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  1. Rachel Ray makes it look so easy....In all seriousness, it depends on what type of food you are looking for and if your budget includes alcohol. Also, is this figure for both you and your girlfriend, or is it 100 each? If you are looking for fine dining, it will be difficult to get by on $100.00 per day, unless you do a bit or research. There are many restaurants offering "COOLinary" specials in August, and it generally includes 3 courses for 30.00 or less. A few places that I know of are Mr. B's, Ralphs on the Park and Muriels. Bayona (which is fabulous) is offering a 19.00 lunch special on weekdays and 19 cent martinis. Commander's Palace also has 25 cent Martinis and their lunch specials are reasonably priced. Here are my suggestions for sticking within your budget:
    Breakfast: Cafe du Monde or I would recommend skipping breakfast and spending your dining dollars on lunch and dinner. Grab a granola bar, or some fresh fruit
    Lunch: It may be a wise idea to try to go to the more upscale restaurants during lunchtime such as Bayona,(Probably around 50.00 if you stick with the special Commanders(probably 60.00 plus without alcohol for lunch for two, with 25 cent martinis) You could also pick up a poboy at Parkway Bakery and Tavern (a loaf which could easily feed two will set you back between 10-15 dollars) or a Muffaletta from Central Grocery. For dinner, Coops offers wonderful cajun/creole dishes and is VERy reasonable. Port of Call is a great burger joint, with some of the best ever and is very well priced for the huge amount of food you get and GIANT baked potato, Napoleon House is also buget friendly and has good food and the Pimms Cup is a must try. Check out the BBQ shrimp at MR. B's and eat at the bar. You could share, and the price is right. I would recommend picking up a copy of New Orleans magazine when you arrive in town at any grocery store, or it is possible that your hotel has a copy. There are a lot of restaurant ads and specials listed and it will help. Best of luck!

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      Emeril's has a terrific lunch (m-f) 3 courses, $19.50 K-Paul's dinner special 3 courses + a glass of wine $30. Pelican Club, 3 courses $35. Cafe Giovanni, Fri. lunch, 3 courses $14.50. COOLinary specials:

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        I agree with scarlettnola. $100 for 4-6 meals a day will be tough. Even with COOLinary specials, w/ non alcoholic beverages, tax, tip, dinner will be close to $80. Two burgers and cokes at POC w/ tax, tip $30, on the low end. Just 2 Cheeseburgers w/sour crm on the potatoes will run $13pp..

      2. My advice is eat where you want, but try to split things! Most of the neighborhood restaurants around New Orleans serve huge portions! You can still get great food, get an appetizer and a soup and split an entree. You will probably be in a hotel and unable to store any leftovers anyway!

        1. Absolutely you can. You probably won't be able to go to the fanciest restaurants, but you can still get fabulous meals on a $100/day budget. Even for two people. It will just depend on what kind of meals you are looking for.

          1. Is the $100 just for meals? Since your question asks "can you eat well AND enjoy NOLA ....", I wonder if you might be including other things......alcohol for instance.

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              I have diabetes so I wont be drinking..( that much..) And my GF is a two drink max girl so I would say that it will be for food.

            2. Based on the excellent ideas posted above, the obvious answer is - Yes!
              However, I find that I sometimes spend just a little more than anticipated. Why not budget yourself $150 per day? You don't have to spend it just because you've got it....but it will give you a peace of mind, and make your trip more enjoyable knowing you have it...if needed. ---

              Have Fun!!!