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Jul 23, 2009 05:22 AM

Rio Mar reviews?

My wife and I will be in town next week for anniversary and wanted to try two new spots (for us.)
Galatoire's is invariably one of our spots along with Clancy's or Brigsten's.
We are locked in with Stella one evening.
Rio Mar has peaked our interest for sometime and we have yet to visit.
Any opinions one way or another on recent experiences at Rio Mar?

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  1. Chef Adolfo and crew turn out consistent, delicious, well-prepared,resonably priced meals as well as anyone. My favorites are the ceviches, down-home dried cod (bacala), and the fish and olives/capers. Unassuming and sufficient wine selection, good service; lord, no wonder I like this place

    1. I'd go for lunch. IMO good, not outstanding.

      1. I love Rio Mar! It's reasonably priced and pretty unique in this area. Lunch is tapas. For dinner I love the bacalao also, and the tuna wrapped in serrano ham is truly outstanding, imo. Hubby also never misses dessert here. Tres Leches or banana empanadas... yumm.

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          I had the tuna in serrano, crab ceviche and tres leches--all outstanding!

        2. love Riomar

          definately for dinner and I prefer to sit at the bar ~ the dining room seems too close/crowded for me ~ plus the bar service is top notch

          if the spanish style bbq shrimp are on the menu they are fantastic...the 5 hour pork is also great

          1. I always go for lunch, it's too far to go for dinner (for me). I love the tuna empanadas and every dessert.