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Jul 23, 2009 04:52 AM

Mel's is Gone?

I think I saw a "for lease" sign on the window this morning.

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  1. In other news, a family of 38 is now looking for work.

    But seriously folks, that place is grimy and had to go sooner or later. The things I heard that I care not to repeat...yeesh.

    1. Which Mel's are you referring to?

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          1. re: thatlankyfoody

            What was bad about it? The Big Baby Breakfast was one of the best values in town -- and you can't screw up classic breakfast.

            They also had killer burgers that flew under the radar of most burger junkies in the city (well, until they changed buns). The toppings themselves made it a completely unique burger.

            Granted, I rarely had the smoked meat (or any sandwiches, for that matter) -- but it was hearty, honest food, and for all 24 hours of a day. Sure it was dirty, the service slow and the bar nonexistent -- but come on! Good, quick grub!

            And the so-atrociously-terrible-that-it's-good spaghetti that not one person I introduced it to couldn't get enough of!

            1. re: lexxypie

              Now I sort of regret never having gone in in my younger days when I was out and about and looking for post-bar sustenance.

              1. re: lexxypie

                I agree. When it came to late night eats, it got the job done.

              2. re: thatlankyfoody

                took my parents there for lunch 3 months ago.
                we were literally appalled by what we saw.
                1 server for 15 tables. dishes piling up on the back counter area. water that spilled and was dripping and running all over the floor. horrible service. long wait times. pure chaos.

                you can tell that things weren't cool, so this is no surprise.
                and their smoked meat was a thing of rubbery nightmares.

          2. yeah Mel's is gone
            it mighthve been a hole , dirty and sometimes you would question the fruit you got with you breakfest but it was our hole...
            If you had been to Mel's past 2am, you had a story of the place.
            I have not eaten there in a while but I will still miss the place.

            1. While I emphasize with the sense of loss some of you feel, I can only say "good riddance" to that abomination of a place.