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Jul 23, 2009 04:41 AM

Where to buy Lottie's Traditional Barbados Hot Sauce (yellow) in Toronto?

We will be in Toronto in early August for a baseball game; staying at the Sheraton Centre. We'll be there on a weekday. Does anyone know of a source for Lottie's Traditional Barbados Hot Sauce, the yellow one, not the red? We haven't been able to find it, but I'm betting that there's a source somewhere in Toronto. Your help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Yes? Hi! They have it 100% for sure at the Taste the 4th sense on the danforth. Both the red and the yellow and they are both the deliciousness.

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      Perfect! I was thinking that we should go to Greektown to eat, so we can kill two birds with one stone. Thanks so much!