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Jul 23, 2009 04:27 AM

URGENT: spicy, fried crab needed for a party tomorrow

I have to get 10-15 spicy, fried crabs for a dinner party tomorrow night. It needs to be ready around 4 pm tomorrow and the restaurant must be downtown.

Can someone please help?

I don't care if it is Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian etc etc. as long as I can get them to go. They must be fried and very spicy.


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  1. It could be a stirfried spicy version as well.

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    1. re: TOchowgal

      I'd try T&T Supermarket in Downtown Toronto. They have a hot food section that routinely pumps out sir fried crab. I think they're cantonese style so it's just ginger, pepper, and onions. If it's an emergency, I'd head there because they have it. It's not the most ideal of places, but the crab is real.

      You want the Toronto Downtown location.

        1. re: TOchowgal

          And the nice thing about the T&T crab is you know they're just pulling them out of their tank of crabs. Price is good too.

          1. re: childofthestorm

            I dont think so,I think the crabs that go to the kitchen are not the freshest ones.....

        2. re: Amadaeus

          I just called T&T and they only have the stir fried crab on the weekends :(

      1. best spicy crab I have had in the city is Bowl Kee Chinese Restaurant: # (905) 948-1249
        # 8360 Kennedy Road, Markham.

        Fresh crab deep fried with Chili peppers and spices sitting on a bed of ground pork and deep fried silver fish. It is a house special and they have been making it for years. The dish is an old recipe from the fishermen that would gather in the Hong Kong Harbour. A bunch of us make the trip out there just for this dish a couple times a month.

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        1. re: mussetto

          Thanks but I was looking for something downtown. I will check this out if I visit Markham.

          1. re: TOchowgal

            Lee Gardens have fried soft shell crab on the menu this week.
            They are quite large, but may be pricey.
            They were delicious.
            You could request extra spicy.
            We were there there Tuesday (not my choice) and surprisingly, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.
            Lee Gardens gets such negative reviews here.
            Everything was very well executed.

              1. re: erly

                Thought that I should add.. large for Softshell, crab not as a main.
                For a main you would need about four per person

              2. re: TOchowgal

                Another option is to pick up crabs from Bill's lobster, and go to one of the restaurants in the area to have them fried. Bill has told me about a few places that will do that. You bring the seafood and they cook it. It's best to call him if you want to do that as he recommended 2 different places, depending on what you want cooked. One place he mentioned was "Ka Ka Lucky Seafood and BBQ" which is very close to Bill's. The other place was just east of the store.

              3. re: mussetto

                The crab people have referred to in this thread is called "typhoon shelter crab". It comes w/ tons of deep fried garlic and chili peppers, does wonders for your breath.

                So tasty though......

                1. re: aser

                  There are more than one version of "typhoon shelter crab", the original one (which is the one that is the best and most delicious to my taste) uses mainly black bean, garlic (not deep fried), dried chili pepper.

                  1. re: aser

                    Aser or skylineR33 what are your favourite spots in the city I have only had the one at Bowl Kee ( fantastic) but would love to try other versions. Can't get enough spicy crab...

                    1. re: mussetto

                      Hi mussetto, I don't have a favourite spot for "typhoon shelter crab" in Toronto, there is no specialty restaurant just for this crab here. I have not seen the original receipe "typhoon shelter crab" in Toronto. But having said that, I would recommend the following restaurant for this kind of crab here :

                      - Richmond Court
                      - Fantasy Eatery (Midland location)

                      1. re: skylineR33

                        What about Royal on Sheppard near Midland, have you been there lately? I remember the crab there to be good and I think the chinese name of that place was typhoon shelter. I haven't been back there for at least a year.

                        1. re: sweetie

                          I was there around 3 months ago. I have not tried their "typhoon shelter" crab but tried their "typhoon shelter" wok-fried clam. It think the food there is very good and economical in general, typical wok hay style cantonese food in Toronto, similar to Fantasy Eatery.

                        2. re: skylineR33

                          I haven't had the one at Big Mouth Kee in a while, but I preferred it to the Fantasy Eatery one.

                          I actually had the Fantasy Eatery one last night, and it was too heavy on the corn starch.

                          1. re: aser

                            BTW I just had lunch at Fantasy Eatery and the crab is on special, $9.99. It was pretty big too, and I had it done "typhoon shelter" style. Delicious.

                            1. re: childofthestorm

                              We made some at home, the BC dungeness crab at T&T is $3.99/lb, cheap.

                              1. re: skylineR33

                                Yeah but you probably have a serious BTU burner at home for your wok, right? For me, I'll pay $10 and have it done for me any time!

                          2. re: skylineR33

                            We ordered the Typhoon Crab at Emperor this evening, and sorry Skyline, no Black beans, but the 2 plus pounds of Vancouver Crab was so densely covered with dried and fresh garlic and Chili Pepper, that you couldn't even see the Crab.
                            It was truly delicious.

                    2. Is there a restaurant anyone recommends that does full size crabs like that downtown? Xam Yu or Wah Sing maybe?

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                      1. re: chocabot

                        I would assume Xam Yu to be the best bet for seafood in Chinatown.

                      2. Downtown?! New sky on Spadina!