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Jul 23, 2009 03:44 AM

Riverside Farm Market Café, Oakland ME

The Riverside Farm Market Café, in Oakland ME is just a short drive from Waterville Maine Tpk Exit 127, and well worth the trip. A lovingly-run small business set alongside the Messalonskee river, they serve very good food in a friendly, casual manner. My wife and I were there for lunch the other day. I particularly enjoyed the quiche, a lunch staple that most restaurants make soggy and leaden. This was just about perfect. Same for wife's very-full lobster roll (could have used a bit more mayo) and the delicious pies. Wide-ranging and affordable wine list.

There's a tiny vineyard next to the patio dining area: they have not yet produced a satisfactory wine, but its presence adds a very charming touch to what's already a restful and attractive view.

The "Farm Market" is more of a gourmet store, with an impressive inventory of wines.

Well worth the short detour if you're in the Waterville (Colby College) area.

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  1. We had dinner At the Riverside Market Cafe in Oakland on Sat night11-12-2010.The server had very little knowledge about the evenings menu,such as what kind of tuna they were serving, what type of pasta was served with entree.She was asked for a soup and was told they didn't serve soup at night,when asked for fresh pepper reply was there was already pepper on the table!The veal saltimbocco was so tough it could not be cut with knife!The chicken parm was also over cooked.I have had good lunches at the cafe but we were all disappointed with our meals.Dessert was okay,the fruit pie would have been better if it had been served warm.To end our evening we were told that they were out of coffee!It was cold inside the restaurant and we all wanted coffee especially with dessert.I think the waittress meant they neded to brew more coffee,not that they were out of IT!!