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Jul 23, 2009 03:06 AM

London Michelin lunch deals

There's a useful guide to London's Michelin-starred lunch deals here:

But it looks to me as if there must be more out there than this. Has anyone got experience of those listed or got other ones they know about?

I've tried the Nahm lunch deal which was lovely - not rushed, and the lunch menu (though fairly limited) was delicious. Especially for £20 a head! Haven't been back to Wild Honey since a bad experience when they mucked up the booking.

Anyone got any thoughts on tasty lunchtime deals?

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  1. this subject has been much discussed , and recently .
    They ALL do lunch deals (except the odd very trendy establishment --the only ones i can think of being Locanda Locatelli , Zuma and Roka ) .

    1. Most of the Michelin (and some high-end non-Michelin) places do good value lunch deals. Off the top of my head...

      Arbutus: 3 courses for £15.50.
      The Square: 2 course for £30, 3 for £35.
      Marcus Wareing: 3 courses for £35.
      Umu: Set lunches starting at £21.
      Foliage: 4 courses for £29
      Ristorante Semplice: 2 courses for £16, 3 for £19.
      The Capital: 2 courses for £27.50, 3 for £33.
      Maze: 4 courses for £28.50.
      Club Gascon: 3 courses for £28.
      Pied a Terre: 2 courses for £24.50.
      Hibiscus: 3 courses for £25.
      Quilon: 3 courses for £20.
      The Ledbury: £19.50 for two courses, £24.50 for three.

      They're a great way to try the food (and atmosphere and service) before committing to the a la carte or tasting menu prices.

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      1. re: DollyDagger

        I've found in the past the top restaurants' lunch deals are pretty much all Mon-Fri only.

        Can anyone recommend any good ones that can be taken at the weekend for those of us who have to work?

        1. re: deansa

          certainly -- Foliage has a very good one , its roughly 29 or so pounds for 4 courses or around 35 with 2 glasses of wine too . Im not saying foliage is anything like top of the tree , and of late there are certainly reports its not what it was , but its still great value for on the weekend .(sat and sun)
          The Ledbury has a brilliant deal and it applies to saturdays .
          3 course for £24.50 and it really is excellent . Indeed , on a different day the a la carte menu we had (evening) was at best only as good , and in 3 out of the 4 diners opinion worse than the lunch menu enjoyed a couple of months apart . We since went back for lunch and again it was terrific . Of course this is a tiny sample size so im not making sweeping statements just giving our views on the given day .
          Surprisingly for a 'trendy' place Nobu's lunch deals apply to saturday too . Its around 30 pounds for their bento box that includes a selection of their typical dishes that have been copied around the world including the black cod , rock shrimp tempura with ponzu sauce etc etc .
          Chez bruce and its 2 other similar 'suburban' restaurants do good lunch deals on a sat where they are a little more expensive than mon-fri but still significantly less than the evening menu, but one still gets to choose from an a la carte list which for me is always a massive plus .

          1. re: millema

            L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon also do 3 courses for 25 pounds both sat and sun but i cannot comment as havent tried it .
            Also the Chez bruce and family restaurants also have set deals for sunday lunch but again the price goes up and i persoanlly feel you get more and better choice on the saturday .