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Jul 22, 2009 10:25 PM

Napa: Coppola's Mammarella - $3 Roman-style pizza slices and East Coast meatballs

There were two large pans of Roman-style pizza on a thick foccacia bread. Slices are heated in the wood-fired oven. The generous square of vegetarian pizza had thin slices of zucchini on a pretty and tasty pesto. . Salty black olives and ricotta cheese (I think) completed it. The olive oil seeped into the foccacia but the bread held up and didn't get soggy. Delicious

This is the best I've had in the Bay Area and more than worth the $3. The other was chicken but I didn't try that.

There's an Examinerr aritcle that says of the Roman-style pizza squares.

"Taking the first bite, I could see my uncles and aunts, my mother and cousins, sitting around the table, speaking in Italian and English about this one and that one.

The pizza was covered with mushrooms and cheese and tomato sauce but the flavors that came from each bite were more subliminal than I ever could have imagined. "

Yeah. Like that.

I also got a side of meatballs for a little over $3 (though the menu says $4).

Three nice-sized meatballs in a tasty chunky marinara sauce. For me the first bit took me back to Italian section of the East Coast town where I grew up. I settle for Italian food out here and then when I go home and eat some Italian food, that rush I get makes me discontented once again. I always think ... why can't someone do this in the Bay Area ... it is so simple ... well, someone finally did.

This a surprisingly stylish and confortable cafe given it is in an industrial park next to the Napa Airport. You could rip it out and put it in a nice neighborhood in NY and it would fit right in.

There are some nice booths with red seats and lots of cafe tables. There's a pretty outside patio, quite an accomplishment since it overlooks a parking lot. Photos of Coppola, his family and from his career cover the walls. There's a nice wood-fired oven on the back wall. Good air-conditioning inside. There is a special of the day and wine by the glass. A few shelves hold some of the Coppola jarred tomato sauce, pastas, hot sauce (who knew) and a few other items.

Some of the same Items from the SF restaurant are on the menu though a few bucks less. However, in SF they use guanciale in the carbonara while in Napa they use pancetta.

They have some Neopolitan-style pizzas as well.

There are also sandwiches such as a tuna melt, a Reuban and hamburger ... though it is mainly Italian. They serve Illy coffee. Here's the menu in PDF format

Thanks to cyberroo for the heads-up

This was suprising to me how much I liked it. Food-wise I've never been a Coppola fan.Never tried one of the wines I liked ... the supermarket pastas and sauces were ok but for me not worth trying more than once ... and that canned champagne ... what were they thinking?

However, as far as Mammarella's ... Mr. Coppola, you did your mama proud.

630 Airpark Road, Napa, CA

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  1. Thanks for the report - sounds like a good new option. I doubt I'll make it over there, but I'll spread the word to the winery crew in the area.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Crunchy on the edge of the crust and soft, foccacia-like on the rest. Not really foccacia, though with a different texture. This is not a good description but it had a larger crumb and wasn't as dense as some foccacia.

        1. re: rworange

          Sounds a bit like Golden Boy. How thick is it? Standard in Rome was around 1/2".

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Nothing even similar to Golden Boy. It was good. Yes about a 1/2 inch or a tiny bit more. It was a lot better too than the closed Nick's at half the price.

            1. re: rworange

              Better than Nick's? Wow. Time to plan a trip.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                It is hard to recommend a trip based on a $3 slice ... even given the original Chowhound credo ... however, if you find yourself up that way during the week, definately worth a slight detour off the main route to check out. They are closed weekends.

                Or ... if you make a special trip to Vallejo for some real ... real ... Cuban food at Havana Sol ... what's a few more miles? Will write more about HS later in a separate post ... but the Cuban chef is baking his own bread for the Cuban sandwiches ... and for dinner there's a wonderful Cuban water bread he also bakes ... secret recipe which has been in his family for generations.