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Jul 22, 2009 10:16 PM

Beef Brisket questions...

I'm going to try a BBQ beef brisket in the near future and I have a few questions...

I do a pulled pork that starts indirectly on the grill for 2 hours and is finished in the oven at 325 - The indirect grilling is too add natural smoky flavor and start the cooking process - The pork isn't cooked based on temperature but's done when fork tender...and varies depending on the size of the butt - It comes out AMAZING!

The questions are - Should a brisket be cooked to a temp instead of by time...and does the above method of cooking the pork sound feasible for a brisket...start on grill and finish in the oven?


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  1. Starting the brisket on the grill (smoking it) and finishing it in the oven is certainly feasible. It's simply a matter of monitoring the internal temperature to determine at what point you want to move it from the grill to the oven. Just keep in mind that the brisket doesn't have nearly the fat that your pork butt will have so you'll need to adjust for that.

    1. You certainly can grill then bake your brisket.

      When I grill a brisket, I use indirect heat at 250-300F for one hour per pound. Wrap in foil after halfway done. Remove when the internal temperature reaches 190F.

      If I am going to oven bake, I usually try to keep the temp no higher than 250F, and again it's about one hour per pound.

      Try to use a brisket with a fat cap. As you cook it the fat will melt and keep the beef moist and tender.

      1. Definitely. I would finish it in a low oven (300 or less) and make sure it's tightly covered or it will dry out.

        4-5 lb. briskets that I do take 5 hours on 300, then 1 hour unattended out of the oven, still covered. I've never taken the temp, not an issue with beef.

        1. I agree with dixit. Fork tender or 190 degrees internal. I have done many of them on my smoker, I just don't use foil. I like the nice bark and foil typically will ruin that, plus I don't dry out my briskets.

          Good eats!!!

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            It dries out in the oven. I wouldn't think it would dry out in the smoker.