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Jul 22, 2009 09:24 PM

Veal Marrow Bones in Elmhurst / Jackson Heights / Woodside area?

Where can I get Veal Marrow Bones in Elmhurst / Jackson Heights / Woodside area? Im dying to roast some.

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  1. Give Ottomanelli a call and see if they can get you some.
    (718) 651-5544

    S. Ottomanelli & Son
    61-05 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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      1. re: tokimoki

        many times i've bought bones for roasting from the chinese markets in elmhurst. usually i go to nysupermarket, or i think that's what it's called. i'm not sure they're veal, but they're beef, and i have the butcher cut them up to roasting size. and they taste no different from what you now get all around town (prune, minetta etc.) when you buy roast veal marrow for $14 for 3-4 pieces. they're super cheap, like about .25/lb, or something like that, and they always taste great. just pick out your bone, and have them cut it up. you'll have to throw out a few pieces from near the joint because they usually get cut up vertically as well as horizontally, since those parts are so wide.

        1. re: yussdov

          I always see the bones at the chinese markets like Pacific (it might not be called pacific anymore)
          I'm interested.. How do you prepare it?

          1. re: Jeffsayyes

            search for fergus henderson's roasted marrow bones recipe on the internet and you'll be sure to find a ton of versions, one of which is:


          2. re: yussdov

            Did you soak the bones to drain the blood? Some recipes call for this. Wondering if I can skip this part.

            1. re: tokimoki

              i don't drain them, and i'm pretty sure that the fergus henderson book doesn't call for it either. once you make them, you'll see that the recipe is about as easy as falling off a box and allows for all kinds of leeway in time, temp, salt, pans, size etc. but make sure you use good bread. enjoy!

      2. im giving marrows a shot today, gonna hit nysuper and hong kong never had it before very exciting

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        1. re: icelandadam

          I couldn't find them in NY supermarket but they're in Pacific near 74th and Broadway. They're only 1$ per bag with 3 or 4 bones in each.

          1. re: tokimoki

            HK supermarket also has them. Super cheap. I didn't get a chance to roast the bones but I did use just a little bit to flavor our burgers and they were the best cheese burgers we've ever had. So tasty. Incredible flavors.

        2. TRADE FAIR on 37 av around 76 or 78. veal bones/brains/ and other things. also decent selection of halal goat, lamb and what not. i dont eat veal, but i know they have it.