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Jul 22, 2009 09:17 PM

Westside Greek food

Went on an amazing honeymoon in Greece (and Turkey) after living near Greektown in Chicago for many years, and I have been craving quality Greek food in West LA ever since recently moving here....any tips?

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  1. In San Pedro I believe was a greek restaurant called Papadakis Taverna but double check that listing as it has been years since I have been there.

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      San Pedro isn't exactly the West Side. I think you're out of luck regarding your hope to find such food around there.

    2. On the Westside proper there is Gaby's Mediterranean on Venice Blvd in the Culver City area. They also have a smaller place on Washington in Venice right near the beach (across from C&O Trattoria, which btw, was less than mediocre when we visited last week -- Pasta Factory next time for me). Not strictly Greek but it might suffice.

      I won't mention Daphne's in Culver City.

      Not westside, but probably the best you'll find in LA is Papa Christo's on Pico in South-ish LA, near the Greek Orthodox Church. Seems authentic and they used to have some big gourmet Thursday night dinners that got very raucous and fun.

      1. Actually I think the most like food in Greece near the west side is Tony's Taverna. It depends upon what Greek dishes you want. Tony's has horta, for ex., the wild greens. And they do a more traditional horiatiki, or Greek salad, without lettuce, as it should be.

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          Second Taverna Tony's. Very good.

        2. Sofie. I believe it's on third, amazing. After that, Papa Cristo's.

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            Jodie you are correct. Sofie actually is long gone, but the various owners (there have been at least three) have kept most of Sofie's recipes.

            One of my favorites places in LA.

          2. Ulysses Voyage in the Grove isn't bad. Probably the best gyro I've had since moving to LA -- but that bar is pretty low.

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              Second that. Why on earth can't someone bring in decent gyros??? Chicago has a hundred places.
              But I'm not moving there.

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                I second Sofi on third street. It's yummy!!!
                Fantastic gyro's at Pozi's in Tarzana, It's in a strip mall on the north side of Ventura, west of Reseda. Amazing!! I've been going there for over 20 years, though that location is only about 9 years old.