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What do people think of Blink in Calgary?

I was just wondering if anyone had been to Blink in Calgary and what they thought about it. I am planning on going myself and was wondering what people had to say about it.


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  1. I've never had a bad meal at Blink. Excellent service, excellent food (and at reasonable prices)... Menu is not expansive, but the items they do are solid.

    1. +1 for excellent food and service. I've been to Blink a few times now and I'd go back the next time we planned dinner out if there weren't so many other places I wanted to try.

      1. Was there once, last year just before xmas, and it was great. Had been at Teatro the evening before, so it had to compare to that, but held up quite strongly actually. I'd say I will go back next time in Calgary, but since I usually only get there for about 3 dinners a year...as maplesugar says, lots of other places I need to try.

        1. i was there in may for their fixed menu at lunch - excellent!!! i like the reno too, much more sophisticated than before, nice and simple.

          i would love to try their regular menu, it looks great, but i thought it was pretty expensive, most entrees at or above $30 - i've had a few too many unpaid vacation days the last few months to splurge very often these days.

          their fixed menu is also available at dinner but only until 6:30

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            I hear you about their regular menu..I was there before 6:30pm, and the girlfriends I was with ordered from the fixed menu and ended up with a tab of $45-50 for dinner, I paid for 3 courses and a soda, $85 after tip & tax. A bit of a splurge for sure but all three courses were knock outs.

          2. yep, i've eaten there twice, and both times it was excellent. I really like the decor of the space, the service was great and attentive and the food was very good. IMO, the appetizers outshine the mains, but the mains are top notch...

            Also, they've got one of the better selections for appys if your dining partner happens to be vegetarian.

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              All good comments. I was just curious as to what people thought about it because whenever people list off their top Calgary restaurants I never hear Blink mentioned. Well as my budget is tight also, next time an occasion comes up that gives me an excuse to celebrate, I hope to try Blink!

              Thanks guys

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                That's a good point. I wouldn't name Blink as my top couple of favourites but I have nothing negative to say about it at all. In fact, it's a solid standby for when guests come from out of town. I guess it's not flashy but it's satisfying.

            2. We ate at Blink this weekend. I have to say we travel extensively and have eaten at some finer restaurants in NYC and SFO and Blink is as good as any of them. I had the wild mushroom soup and it came piping hot, in a large latte cup with some light croutons in it. Was beautiful and the rich mushroom flavor came through. Mr. S. had the half moon cheese ravioli appetizers and we were pratically licking the peso that came with it off the plate. Their house bread is amazing -- and of course where they get it is a secret. It's a white baguette with a crisp crust, with just enough tenderness to give you an enjoyable crunch.

              I had the local organic rabbit with gnocchi and chantrelles and I highly recommend it; in the dish they included a few disks of rabbit loin, which was melt-in-your-mouth tender. My husband had the moroccan chicken breast and we both thought it was slightly bland, but it was cooked perfectly, juicy and tender. The only negative thing I had to say was our side of gouda mac and cheese seemed rich and well-prepared, but was bland. I don't think gouda is good for making mac and cheese with.

              Dessert was the sticky toffee pudding with warm butterscotch sauce -- the pudding was super flavorful and light as air. Service was friendly and attentive. This is one of the better meals we've had in Calgary (we get spoiled eating in the US a lot) and we definitely will be back.

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                thanks for reminding me about their rabbit dish! it's excellent! For some reason I had it in my mind that i'd had it at divino, but now that I think about it, it was definitely at blink. Delicious. They used to have some great tarts at appetizers, but those seem to be off the menu now.

              2. I've always had great food and good experiences at Blink. I've heard some mixed reviews since it changed hands though... I'd still give it a try. I usually get caught up in the variety of appetizers and end up going tapas style. My fav to date was a foie gras mousse with a pear slaw