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Jul 22, 2009 08:24 PM

Deer Isle, Maine restaurants

Been eating here for 30 years... sad news is that Fisherman's Friend is awful, having moved into a hospital-like space on the harbor. Good if kyou need to feed 150 people at once, otherwise, enjoy the view and avoid all but the haddock sandwich.

Happily, there is FINE food at low prices at Mikey G's, on Route 15 halfway between the towns of Deer Isle and Stonington. Open til 10pm, with WIFI, too. Amazing, classic French sauces for scallops, shrimp scampi to die for, and bread pudding that is more of a blend of apple cobbler and heaven. In fact, the menu is a summer place menu (usual takeout too) but the chef, father of the owner, is allowed to wander into gourmet space. WOrth repeat visits.

One complaint of recent visitors for a week was that all the food seems the same at the few restaurants. Not at Mikey G's!

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  1. Yep, I knew the FF was dreadful, after a visit to the new space last year. But your news about Mikey G's is stunning! have driven by for years, and given it no more thought than any similar side-of-the-road food shack. There is also very good food (lunch only, except Friday evening) at Natalie's (? not sure of the name) on Route 15 just as you come into Stonington.

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      You're thinking of Lily's. It also does dinner on Friday nights. Also worth checking out is Cockatu at the former Goose Cove Lodge. Portuguese seafood. When it's on, it's fabulous and the views are stupendous BUT service can be slow to nonexistant. I hit it right last year, and the paella was amazing. It came with a complete, in-the-shell lobster. That said, I've known others who've waited ridiculous amounts of time just for a drink.

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        Discovered the Cockatoo last summer and, amid some skepticism about the viability of a Portugese restaurant on the Maine coast, found it to be quite delightful. Reasonably priced too. Don't recall any problems with slow service.

        There are a few really terrific restaurants in the area. Buck's, in Brooksville is a must if you're in the area. Planning to be up there 1st week of August and looking forward to it. The Rusticator Restaurant at the Oakland House is also tremendous fun, although they don't seem to answer the phone any more so expect to go into voice mail when you call.

        Nearby, Blue Hill has several great eateries including the Arborvine. Unfortunately the Wescott Forge ceased to exist, although our last experience there was disappointing. The location is perfect, though, so I hope the new establishment that just opened there succeeds. We'll see.

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          From a post to this list earlier in the summer, I believe Rusticator is no more.

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            Rusticator is closed (as is the Oakland House, sob). Replacing Wescott Forge is Table: A Farmhouse Bisto, owned by Rich Hansen of Cleonice in Ellsworth fame. I went during its first week of operation and didn't have a good experience, but maybe the kinks have been worked out. Yes to Buck's, owned by Jonathan Chase who was doing farm to table before most people had ever heard of the term. Another reliable and excellent Blue Hill restaurant is Arborvine. And if you crave Mex, El El Frijoles meets the need quite well.