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Jul 22, 2009 08:12 PM

3 days in Savannah

I'm going to Savannah next week and besides going to Paula Deen's restaurant I don't know where to go.
What are your top picks?
I'm interested in casual and high end place but nothing super fancy.

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  1. Skip PD. Go to Mrs. Wilke's, Firefly Cafe, Clary's, Garibaldi's Cafe, Elizabeth's on 37th.

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    1. re: bbqdawg

      I agree on skipping Paula Dean's.. after standing in line for 4 hours in the heat & being fairly disappointed in the food and atmosphere. Everyone I went with will not go back.
      I would definitely hit the River Walk for breakfast though... plenty of great places.

    2. I would say that either of Paula Deen's restaurants ( including Uncle Bubbas) are worth trying although I thing they are overrated. It is possible to get an excellent meal at either one. I second the recommendation for teh Firefly cafe and to Garibaldis. I find Elizabeths on 37th to have slipped but it is worth trying. The resraurant ( 700 Drayton) and bars at the Mansion at the Park are quite good. Sweet Potatoes is a good southern breakfast and lucnh spot as is either location of Clarys. Also try the Breakfast Place on Tybee Island. Cha bella at teh foot of broughton is a nice place with interesting dishes. Try J. Chrostopher or the Soho Cafe as well. Molly MacPhersons is a good bar with decent bar food.

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      1. re: smokestack lightning

        Thank you. i'm so excited for my trip. I will report back. Any idea where to get the best sweet potato pie and pralines in Savannah?

        1. re: jordana

          Take note that it is not sweet poatatoe season at the present time, but for pralines, I would try Savannah Candy Kitchen on River Street.

          I also reccomend scratching Paula Deen and opting for Mrs Wilkes and Firefly. Mrs Wilkes used to be fish on Friday instead of chicken. I wouldn't go if I couldn't get the fried chicken, so you may want to check on that

            1. re: jordana

              Per their website, Mrs. Wilkes has fried chicken and beef stew on Fridays. Be aware they are only open for lunch, M-F.


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          Gotta say, we tried The Breakfast Place for breakfast this morning and Tybee Island and I am not one to complain, but their waitstaff was pretty rude. Just things like telling us to "please get inside and not let all the air conditioning out" and pausing and giving a 'look' when we asked for extra creamer, things like that. Sure they are busy, but it's an overall feeling in the whole place, not just one waiter.

          On another note, had dinner/drinks at a kind of laid-back bar and Irish pub called McDonough's in Savannah. Great burgers from what I hear (I didnt have one of those) and awesome sweet potato fries.

        3. Hi everyone, I am also looking for suggestions in Savannah. Will have about 2 lunches and a 1 dinner while there. Here's the catch: I am a foodie living in Atlanta. I don't need to go to a generic upscale Southern if similar food of similar quality are found in Atlanta. I am looking for more unique stuff, and it doesn't have to upscale at all. Places that local foodies would enjoy frequent I suppose.

          Please help, thanks.

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          1. re: Dio Seijuro

            I LOVED Mrs. Wilkes- definitely go there for lunch.

          2. am in Savannah this weekend - thanks for the helpful replies! am staying right around the corner from the Crystal Beer Parlor and wanted to add it to the list. really low-key, comfortable vibe, super friendly staff, and a great cup of crab stew that was thick with crabmeat. nice salad with sauteed shrimp, oranges, almonds, cranberries, and pickled ginger(!). i was dining alone with my book as a companion, and felt very at ease.