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Jul 22, 2009 07:29 PM

Dinner in NE San Antonio, Converse, Universal City

Are there any interesting suggestions for a Saturday night dinner in the NE area of greater San Antonio, Converse, or Universal City areas? Cuisine is not really important as we like all cuisines but prefer something small and quiet rather than large and loud but all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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  1. Thai Spice in the Forum shopping center is very good and not too big. It can get pretty busy at dinner on Saturday nights. Otherwise, I think your choices are kinda limited to chain restaurants. Houston's isn't bad and I think they recently opened a Chuy's Mexican restaurant accross the way - but that is pretty big and loud.

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      Where's Houston's? The Chuys is where the El Camino Ranch Steakhouse used to be. Further up is Holihan's, is that what you are thinking of maybe?

    2. There's a little Chinese/Thai place called China Ho 650-0012 ... 12602 Nacogdoches @ Leonhardt. Used to be pretty good esp if you get off the tourist menu. Small, and rarely crowded. Haven't been there in years ... too far to drive for me now. But used to go there all the time.

      1. Pape Dante's in Converse is old school Italian with good food. Not fancy, but its been around a long time.

        You can always head over to Myrons or Gruene Onion in New Braunfels.

        Louie Ledeaux's in the Forum has some nice Mahi Mahi dishes or BBQ Shrimp.

        1. Yeah there is Papa Dante's, and also Pazzo's in Schertz which is italian.You cross over IH35 and turn to the left and go down the access road and it will be on your right in the same plaza as the Longshot's Sports Bar and Aw Dang's Chinese Food.There is Abel's Diner on the IH35 access road by the SuperWalmart in Schertz.They have home cooking, but it does get packed by the locals. Down on FM3009 is Garcia's Mexican Restaurant at Green Valley road. If you go beyond that, you will hit 3009 and Elbel Road .Just a short way from the light is the Papa John's Pizza on your left hand side, and next to it is El Jalisco mexican Food. They have a good variety and it's reasonable.It's right next to Papa John's.
          If you keep going down 3009,you hit FM78.Turn to your left and head to Cibolo.
          On your right is La Tortillita Mexican Restaurant, gets crowded and noisy, Continue on, and you will see a sign for Cibolo and loop 536.Turn there and follow the road. When you get to the light,turn left. Then go up Main Street. On your right is Harmon's BBQ and Catelano's which is italian, right across the railroad tracks.
          If you follow Main Street, you can hit FM1103.Take that and when you get to the curve in the road just past Steele HS., turn to the right.That is Weil road.
          Follow it until you come to the sign for Goerke's Country Tavern, and turn to the left.Follow the road and you see Goerke's Country Tavern .They have hamburgers, chicken fried steak, fried chicken, catfish,steaks, BBQ and other home style stuff.To get back to say IH 35, just go back on Weil road until you come to FM 1103.Turn to the right on 1103, follow it,and you will come out right to I-35.

          Also on Pat Booker road, is Bangkok Thai Cusine up in Live Oak by the Check N'Go .It is a very popular place and has gotten good reviews.
          At Pat Booker and Kitty Hawk, is Mei Keni or Mei Kawa,a place that has Phillipine food. I haven't eaten there yet.
          there is a place called Pappy G's Country Kitchen on Pat Booker road, by the H and R Block.The place used to be Bruno's Italian Garden,. There is a banner for Pappy G's on the building.However, in last week's Dining section in the San Antonio Express News, They are only open, Friday,Saturday ,and Sundays right now.Meal prices range from $5 to $10.
          Haven't tried it eaither, but they have had a lot of customers wanting them to open weekdays, so who knows.
          There is also a Zio's Italian Kitchen going in up across from Mama's Cafe by the movie theatre, but that is a chain. There is also Checker's Dinner in the old Mr.Gatti's at O'Conner and Nacogdoches road, in front of the H.E.B.
          They have a website, and the food is home made.A friend of mine, Nancy, got a hamburger and onion rings,the rings,i tried a couple were not greasy at all.
          As you drive down Nacogdoches after exiting from Loop 1604 and turning left,
          you will see Los Generales mexican Food and as you go down towards O'Conner you will see on the right, Pompei Grill(Italian). There is also Salsalito's, but that place gets noisy,think it's all the tile in the place.

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            Agree Pappa Dante's has good food ... but it's Family style at large tables ... great for a family but might be a bit noisier than they were looking for.

            Forgot about Pompei's ... my recollection was pretty good food but haven't been there in 10 yrs.

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              I agree with Bangkok Thai, among the best in San Antonio. Good burger, try Big'z. Directly west on 1604. Big's is owned by Andrew Weisman, One of the top chefs in the state and operates a fabulous restaurant called La Reve downtown. Bigz has great handmade burgers and a really nice assortment of beers. Sit on the deck if it's not too hot.