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Jul 22, 2009 07:17 PM

Brazillian steak house on 611

Has anyone tried the brazilian steakhouse on 611 in Warrington? We passed it on our way to Wegman's. It seems established but it is the first I noticed . Thanks for any info.

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  1. You might be referring to naBrasa in Horsham (behind the Iron Abbey). I've tried the abbey, but not the brazilian steakhouse yet. However, I can say that is was completely packed on the Wednesday night we went there.
    After some excellent pub grub and beers at the Abbey, we peeked in to the steakhouse. It looks like they have a wonderful buffet with the sides and salads, and of course the churrascos in their traditional garb serving skewers, upon skewers. No open kitchen though, which I like to see at this type of place.
    I'll be anxious to try when I can dig up enough appetite for this kind of meat fest.
    They have a PDR on the side and also will have outside tables when their permit comes through (if it hasn't already).