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Jul 22, 2009 07:08 PM

Good Italian pastry in Indianapolis?

Hello chowhounds! New to the Indy area and missing the awesome Italian pastries back in Philadelphia. Any places to get a good cannoli in Indy?

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  1. I am also a recent east coast transplant and would love to hear folks' suggestions on this. Can anyone suggest a place for not only italian goodies (a fresh cannoli sure would taste good with my coffee right now, ha ha....), but solid bakeries in the area to get an assortment of treats for parties? Thanks all.

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      Unfortunately, Indy still lacks a solid bakery for the most part. Rene's in Broad ripple will be your best bet for a variety of sweets and breads. The German baked pastries at ???? on Pendleton Pike is another option. Rumor has it a couple of chefs are interested in starting artisanal baked breads in the near future, but that may take a while. Scholar's bread is mediocre for one day, but that's it. Cannoli?? Tony and Rosa Hanslits opened up their pasta shop on 54th, just east of the Monon...not sure if they do their old cannoli recipe back in the Tavola di Tosa days.

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        Please do tell: where is the Hanslits new pasta shop and what's it called?

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          Does anyone know if Tony Hanslits is also cooking at Infusion in Fishers

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            Their new place is at 54th and the Monon Shops. Going east from the Monon Trail there will be the seasonal veg/fruit market and then a grouping of renovated shops, including 'Nicole Taylors Pasta Shop''s the second storefront, I believe. There was a recent feature about their pastas and can't wait to try the red wine and saffron flavors. Rigatoni is still my favorite, though.

      2. The only place I can think of would be Amalfi, Capri or Matteos... all Italian restaurants, the owners of each place are brothers and sometimes Mama's in the kitchen.
        So far in Indy - those are the only cannoli's I've had that were at least decent. Nothing like I've had in St Louis...
        Good luck!
        And welcome to Indy!