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Jul 22, 2009 06:37 PM

Date night dinner near Asheville NC

Moved to South Asheville 1 month ago - getting out for first time without kids! This weekend is Bele Chere in Asheville so will bring the kids during the day Sat or Sun - but would rather skip the crowds for our night out. Recs for date-worthy restaurants within driving distance? We'll have 4 hours total for dinner and drive - so thinking Hendersonville, Brevard.... great food, nice wine list, something besides "new american" and no chains. Have checked the postings - lots of great recs for Asheville but want to skip the crowds. Thanks

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  1. I'd suggest The Admiral in West Asheville - won't have downtown traffic there. Not fancy, more funky...but the food is awesome. That's my top choice for a special occasion dinner coming up just b/c the food is so darn good. Call ahead or go earlier rather than later. In Weaverville, Stoney Knob is a good date place. Curras Dom in North Asheville/Woodfin would be a good choice, and again...out of downtown traffic and crowds. Or you could make a reservation for Fig in Biltmore Village - away from downtown, definitely not a Bele Vhere crowd, and my #1 choice for a nice, fine dining dinner out.

    In Hendersonville I'd look at Flight, Square 1 and Never Blue. I have not had dinner at any of them but I know they get generally positive reviews. I love the ambiance of Never Blue (have been there for lunch). Seems like it would be a fun place.

    1. Agree with Miss Piggy's recs in A'ville. If you go to Stoney Knob, ask for the Red Room. also like Rezaz in Biltmore Village if that area won't be crowded (it's usually busy any weekend even without Bele chere). The menu on Rezaz's website is their current one (we were just there last Saturday).

      Not sure where in S. Asheville you are, but if you do go to Hendersonville, I would recommend either West First or Never Blue (they are around the corner from each other on Main and W. 1st Ave). Never Blue has more of a date night atmosphere beautiful and funky (West 1st is a little noisy, but in a good "energy" way), but the food in both places is awesome. And both places have reasonable prices. Never Blue has mostly tapas, so prices per item are not expensive. Different food, just depends what you're in the mood for. You could look at both menus and decide.

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        Thanks to both for recs. We ended up in Hendersonville at Square 1. Never Blue was very busy & we had limited time. Very nice meal. Good bottle of Meritage from small but I thought well-selected wine list. I had local trout crusted in sunflower seeds with a sweet potato/carrot puree and sauteed kale (one of my favorite veggie combos). Husband had the house-made sausages with side of collard greens. Sausages came with leek/mushroom saute and mashed potatoes. I have rarely seen him leave food on his plate -- not because he didn't enjoy it, he was actually full. Good service but they were not busy while we were there.

        Am curious why I never see Bouchon (Asheville) on here? Was there on a visit in February and had a lovely meal. All you can eat mussel night with a bottle of house wine would be an irresistible draw for me if I didn't get deathly ill 9 out of 10 times eating mussels. Will get back soon and provide a review.

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          Glad you had a good meal! I have not had a great experience at Square 1 so that's why I didn't recommend it. It wasn't bad, just not great like the other two. Unfortunately, it's smack dab between two really good and busy restaurants, so it gets the overflow, but that's about it. But, am glad to hear you had a good experience, they are really nice people and I do hope they make it. Maybe I need to try again.

          My husband and I love Bouchon. Bouchon does get good recs on here, just secondary to some other higher end places. But, that's one reason we like it - it's less expensive. We do go for the mussels night and the incredible Le Croque Monsieur Frites sandwich (ham and cheese on steroids with fries). Actually, everything we've had there has been very good.

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          Scirocco, I just posted to yours about a year ago about tough rib eye steak...just experienced same...check out my intended solution.