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Jul 22, 2009 05:33 PM

Khyber Pass [MSP]

Dinner at Khyber Pass in St. Paul tonight was great. This is a standby that I have come back to for years, but forget about now and then. I think it was the first Afghani restaurant in the Twin Cities, and I get cravings for their Aushak dumplings and chicken kabobs on basmati rice with cilantro chutney. I'm bringing it up because I think that we all need to consciously support our neighborhood places!


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  1. How long has it been in business? I remember Caravan Sarai (sp?) in Highland Park in the early 70s.

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    1. re: Latinpig

      I found one website that says that Caravan Serai was the oldest Afghani restuarant in the US.

    2. Could not agree more. Went there this week and had some wonderful lamb with spinach and some meatballs with mung beans. Really a gem with great, friendly service.