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Jul 22, 2009 04:31 PM

do spices only last 6 months i say NO WAY

I just recently finished a big old jar of curry powder and made two dishes side by side with the old curry and the new curry that i bought that day. I believe that the difference was negligible and I really think the food world jumped on that band wagon. I remember my mom having spices for years, I will say that maybe there is a little flavor lost but 6 months I say NO
Anybody have thoughts about some that may not last as long???

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  1. There was a small jar of some kind of “Lemon-Dill” seasoning my partner had bought in Canada ten or more years ago. I found it at the back of the spice rack and scraped the remnants from the jar onto some chicken thighs. They were delicious. The seasoning hadn’t lost much, if anything, over the years.

    I’m with you on the longevity of spices. However, these days, unless I know I need a lot, I’ll buy smaller packages from the farmer’s market.

    1. It depends. If it's freshly-ground, there is a distinct difference. I don't believe most of us are used to freshly-ground spices though, and I certainly think most recipes are written with the assumption that the spices used will not be freshly-ground.

      That said, I never discard old spices. If something is really old (like over a year), I might just add a little more than I normally would.