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Best moderate Northern Italian?

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I just got back from Italy and have to say I was not wowed by a single (copiously researched) meal. What's the best going on in the Big Apple?

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  1. Give us a couple of dishes you're looking for, what you mean by "moderate," and if you have a neighborhood preference. Thanks.


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        I do think Alto is very expensive - not that I have any other suggestions!

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          YOU ARE RIGHT! I missed the moderate part! I'm sorry! :)

          1. The point of Northern Italian is not to wow the palate so much as it is to deploy beautiful fresh ingredients in simple and fulfilling ways. That is probably why I don't like Northern Italian much myself. That said, I have had good meals at Trattoria Toscana if only because I enjoy their gnocchi.

            1. I know its not in the city, but I am a northern italian from Pavia... and the point isnt to neccesarily wow but but as said in a previous post to really bring out fresh ingredients such as a basil marinara... simple but flavorful... the best place that really takes hold of this is Trattoria Al' Incontro on 31st and Ditmars... the last stop of the NW train in Astoria... Yum