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Jul 22, 2009 04:22 PM

I need a rotisserie duck

Up here on the upper west side, you can't walk ten steps or so without falling over a rotisserie chicken, most of which are (at least since the departure of Williams from 85 street) fairly mediocre. But I need a rotisserie duck. Not one from Chinatown (that's another dingus entirely) nor the one cooked at Zabars at 10 in the morning after being marinated all night in something like Italian salad dressing, cut up, wrapped in plastic and served with attitude. Just a nice crispy duck, as served in, years ago, the Duck Joint, or other places.

Anybody help me here?Thanx

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  1. The only thing I could come up with would be the rotisserie duck they keep in the back at Zabar's (halved, but not quartered).

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    1. re: JungMann

      The problem with Zabars dcck is that the duck is cooked and wrapped in advance, so it loses it's crispiness.

    2. Try:
      Eastside Poultry
      Tel: (212) 288-7777
      1522 First Ave
      Between 79th and 80th
      New York NY 10075

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      1. re: wineconsul

        I've had the same problems with the Eastside Poultry duck as those described with Zabar's. Not so good. I miss those great Czech duck places!

      2. Have you asked Zabars, not if they have them, but if they'll make you one?

        What I'd do is call any old supermarket butcher (where they have a rotisserie) and ask for it special order. Supermarket butchers (including huge chains) are quite friendly and accommodating with special orders, whether it be sausage casings, suet, bones, etc.

        You might be told "too fatty" or something, but if it's something they can do and sells a few ducks they'll do it for you (and it will be a lot cheaper than you'll expect). If you find somebody dedicated to the craft, they'll kiss you for giving them something to do outside the grind of simply weighing and repacking the boxed meat they get.

        If you don't get what you want that way, try Citarella et al (or maybe try them anyway if you want an upscale duck) or an independent grocer, and ask them. Or go the other way to "ethnic" (that word always seems bigoted) grocers. Hell, ask a Chinatown duck purveyor, tell them you want "plain" or something.

        I'm sure you can find somebody in this city who'd rotisserie your sneakers for a buck.

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        1. re: acidity

          Now. THAT"S a damn good kdea!!! Thanx much

          1. re: hlbones

            If you find somebody that does a particularly good job with this, please post about it, would love to know.

          2. re: acidity

            Citerella usually does have rotisserie ducks, and not very expensive either. But I have found them to be not very crispy.

          3. I have seen rotisserie duck at Dean and Deluca (Soho store) in the past, but I am not sure if it is a regular or special item. Plus I didn't try so I can't attest to the taste.

            1. Agata & Valentina
              79th and First Ave

              Phone: 212.452.0690
              Fax: 212.452.0694
              Hours: 8:00 am - 8:30 pm